Top 10 Funniest Things to Text to a Random Number

Actually, don't send any of these to people you don't know. You could get in trouble. Fun to think about, not fun to do.

The Top Ten Funniest Things to Text to a Random Number

1 Congratulations, you've been randomly selected to receive a text from me.

This would make a prank text into humor. Part bad, part funny.

Funny galore.

It's bad, yet you have a sence that you have when you win the lottery, and don't forget it's funny.

2 The fat one won't fit in the wood chipper. What do you want me to do?
3 I lost my phone, have you seen it?
4 I'm pregnant, it's yours.

I got three words:
This. Is. SAVAGE

5 I am the Keymaster, are you the Gatekeeper?
6 What's your favorite game? Mine's following you around.
7 Can you see me? I'm right behind you. Testing my new invisibility cloak.
9 Holy crap, I saw you on the news. You're going to be so rich?
10 I did your mum last night

The Contenders

11 Need to get out now. Is it still $2,500 for a passport and papers?
12 QUIT IT! Can’t you see I’m putting my pants on???

Lol I can just imagine the faces

13 Hi, even though I don’t know you, can I give you a hug? Just text me your address and I’ll be right over!
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