Top 10 Funniest Things to Text to Your Mom

The Top Ten Funniest Things to Text to Your Mom

1 Can you pick me up from this alleyway?
2 When was the last time you and dad... "Did it"?

Did It. Did It. Like t-that "Thing" I am scared.

3 Twins! No wait.. TRIPLETS!
4 Please send help, we're being attacked! It's red and very cuddly! Oh Jesus, IT'S ELMO!
5 It was so funny, yesterday I went into your house and I found a bear on your couch and then I realized it was just you.
6 I'm going shopping. Need any tampons?

I'd imagine if a Mum said this to her son! Lol!

This one actually isn't rly that weird. At least for girls it’s not...

7 Just finished having sex!
8 Can you bail me out of jail already?
9 Did you know that the world doesn't revolve around you? Surprising, ain't it?
10 My water broke...
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