Top Ten Funniest Things to Yell In Public

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1 Sassafras!

I made sassafras tea at camp and I got really sick. Not that sick. I exaggerate a lot.

My grandmother calls me that, funny.

I like sassafras tea! Yay for sassafras!

2 Jinglejangle!!

Jinglejangle is my favorite song

I love that word it's so fun to say

3 Every one give me a purple unicorn with green freckles!!!!

Haha! They just might! Funny list yolo2346


4 Ennnnnnnnnnnder dragon!!!!!!!!!

This is cool, imma try this out.

I hate Minecraft

This is amazing I yelled it out 😂

5 Nomnomnom
6 Swagmuffin invasion!!!!

This is as pure as it gets

7 Jimjam chicken pants!!

Or Jimjam chicken eating pants. Good random list.

This is so cool

Hehe yelled it in class

8 Justin beiber will kill you all!!!

By the way he has a chainsaw

Shouldn't he be dead right now?

Justin Bieber couldn't even kill a stick.

... with his music

9 German Sparkle Party!!!

My friend and I did this on the last day of 7th grade. People looked at us like weirdos, but we're already the outsiders who aren't ghetto and listen to lil Wayne and eat fried chicken anyways so we really didn't care.

That song is so beast but so awkward. I LOVE IT!

In soviet russia, we have gun parties instead of feminine sparkle parties

I can imagine myself doing this...


The perfect thing to shout when eating Hula Hoops.

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11 I've got 2 penises!

I have two too.

So do I.


its lit

12 Braille-eating blogersnaps from mars!!!

I understood that reference.

13 Yo mama was a henpecking boob!!

Saying that to/about someone's mother is very upsetting and mean.

14 Who Lives In a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Spongebob Squarepants!


my butt


15 Allahu Akbar
16 I pooped my pants!

This comes in second, right behind "Cacaw Cacaw! "

17 Dad!?

Count how many look at you excitedly, then walk away, disappointed.

You dada so much like yo mama his chest is 3x as big as a normal mans chest

That is o stupidly funny..

I do this one all the time.

18 ooh ee ooh ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang

This is the best.


Oh, no here it comes again! Ooh ee ohh ah ah ching chang wadda wadda bing bang... !

19 Cacaw Cacaw

Interestingly enough I have said this

I say this all the time to my friend in a weird singing shouting voice. They say I'm weird but I don't know why :) jk

I've done it

Say it in a really loud, exaggerated voice too and makes people kinda think you aren't totally and completely you're just trying to be loud and obnoxious😊

20 I like turtles!

I think the boys in my class saw this.

I yell this all the time in public places! Except, It's not always turtles. I just say I like... {Random thing}- 100% true story.

21 Fire!

This is just a dick thing to say

Oh my goodness, Please don't say this. People might think there's a fire O.o

22 I farted!

If your with someone just scream he/she farted

Um. Why would u say this

23 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
24 I twerk more than Miley Cyrus.

Lmao noo that wrong

25 Waffles!

I think that I've actually done this once.

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