Funniest Times To Do a Spontaneous Stand-Still


The Top Ten

1 At the top of an escalator

All the yelling people - DubstepLover

Cause mayhem. You know you want to... ;D - Britgirl

2 Boarding or leaving public transport
3 During a race

And Usian Bolt is leading the 100m race by a large margin. Looks like he is going to win... no he STOPS suddenly! USAIN BOLT HAS STOPPED! Now what he's thinking now...
~5 minutes has passed~
The race is already over folks, but Usain Bolt is STILL standing there. Not sure why, but the officials are trying their best to get him out of there... Usain Bolt the record holder has come last in this race... Till then we take a short break. Please pass that packet of chips here. - Kiteretsunu

4 In a busy crowd

My friend has done this. It was fun to see him stop suddenly and bend over, them watch the pile-up of people... - Britgirl

5 While singing on stage

Oh, it is terrifying only to imagine this! Great list, Britgirl! I love you! - keyson

Just stop in mid-syllable and stare at the audience and after a few seconds, yawn! - Britgirl

6 At the toilet door with a desperate queue behind you
7 While driving

Just stop in the middle of the road, get out and stand beside your car like a statue.
P. S: I have a list of idea's as to what to pose as while you're being a statue if you're interested. If you're not, stay put. - Britgirl

8 During a protest march

If you're campaigning against anything promoting travel on foot, it would make sense. - PositronWildhawk

9 While twerking

Stop in mid-twerk, see how ridiculous you look - Britgirl

10 While making a top tens list

The Contenders

11 When running for your life
12 On a dual carriageway
13 In Madame Tussaud's
14 When in the middle of a test
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