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21 Element119
22 simpsondude
23 Zab

Just check his profile pic and you'll know why I voted for him!

Just see his profile pic and see!

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24 MissBritan
25 MiketheHuman V 1 Comment
26 Gamecubesarecool193

He's funny cause he fell off my roof naked and fat and sunburnt this morning. - AlphaQ

He is NOT funny. - Powerfulgirl10

27 Curti2594

Thank you BritGirl Means a lot that you've noticed me! Though I dunno if I'm Rib Tickling Funny though I'm not gonna deny I have a Sense of Humour just a Strange one! - Curti2594

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28 TopTensJackson
29 Garythesnail
30 Jands3000
31 CerealGuy
32 Jonerman
33 2storm
34 AlphaQ

My type of humor is pranks. I'm a boss at pranking. - AlphaQ

35 MatrixGuy
36 ryanrimmel

Don't vote for me, I smell and don't get girls - ryanrimmel

37 Pooga
38 SevenLizards
39 Danteem

He's funny cause his name backwards is Meetnad. And he is Metts which means he is a stripper. - AlphaQ

40 SkullKid

Read the Skullkid755 comment to see how I feel about this wannabe me. - Skullkid755

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