Top Ten Funniest Total Drama Episodes

These are the ten funniest episode of Total Drama (all seasons). Vote, comment, do whayever you want!

The Top Ten

1 Hook, Line, and Screamer

This episode was the most fun to watch. I liked the vibe of it. You could definitely see each character's distinct personalities and how they clash yet somehow fit together.

The reason I like this episode is because of the plot, and the humor. - Turkeyasylum

This episode makes me laugh hard from Owen and Izzy to DJ's freak out to my personal favorite, Duncan vs Chef (fake killer).

2 Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Reunion Special

This episode has so many memorable moments, I wish more episodes had this type of humor! - Turkeyasylum

3 Up The Creek

I thoght this one was hilarious, due to Izzy and Leshawna being partnered up in a boat. - Turkeyasylum

4 Paintball Deer Hunter

Other than Beth standing up for herself, the humor made this a good one. - Turkeyasylum

5 I See London

There's no doubt it's a funny episode, but the ending is dreadful. - Turkeyasylum

6 Get A Clue

Me and my friends were laughing so hard watching this episode, that I started to cry!

There are loads of jokes thrown in, and I adore this episode of TDA! - Turkeyasylum

7 I Triple Dog Dare You!

The dares, while gross, are quite funny at times. they, and how Heather got what she deserved. - Turkeyasylum

Nice. This One Was Funny Since Heather Got Tortured.

8 Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Island

The reason I liked this one was because of the wild chase for the suitcase, but the jokes are amazing, too! - Turkeyasylum

9 Grand Chef Auto

This was very funny, and it featured a nice ending, too, unlike I See London... - Turkeyasylum

10 Who Can You Trust?

This is a hilarious episode, and the reason so is because of the dwindling amount of contestants, as well as the other things thrown in, too... not to mention the cooking! - Turkeyasylum

I love this episode.

The Contenders

11 Dodgebrawl

I don't know why, I just found this one incredibly funny.

Murder Balls - Gehenna

12 Hello and Dubai

It was hilarious!

13 Phobia Factor

The way that they interact and the way that they face their fears. - quizmint

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