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61 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hilarious show. My opinion it should be #1. Comedy crime type of T.V. show that I can't stop watching. I'm rewatching the show again.

62 Freaks and Geeks Freaks and Geeks Freaks and Geeks is an American teen comedy-drama television series, created by Paul Feig, with Judd Apatow as executive producer, that aired on NBC during the 1999–2000 television season.
63 Total Drama

Total drama is a great show, but I kinda get why this show isn't on number one because some of the seasons sucked like all stars.

This show is so hilarious. There is no episode that I don't laught.

64 Viva Pinata
65 Chowder Chowder Chowder is an American animated television series created by C.H. Greenblatt for Cartoon Network. The series follows an aspiring young child named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as an apprentice in Chef Mung Daal's catering company.

Shut Up Justin Bieber!

Just a stupid cartoon about a fat purple meathead making a mess out of the place.

66 The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is an American animated television series created by Thurop Van Orman for Cartoon Network that premiered in North America on June 5, 2008. It stars creator Thurop Van Orman as the voice of Flapjack, a naive young boy who was raised by a whale named Bubbie and more.
67 Broad City
68 Colbert Report

Amazing! His irony, his straight face, his interviews, all stellar! You should read his book.

69 Conan

Awesome you should try are we there yet as well it never ever dissapoints

70 Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel on December 2, 2011, and ended on January 10, 2016. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas.

You are wrong, it's just one of those shows where someone tries to sing badly, and then goes on a romantic relationship with someone nobody cares about, it's just another dumb teenage show filled with laugh tracks and crap.

My sister watches this show

Austin and ally is the funniest show I have ever seen! This should be in the top! It is just my opinion.

As a matter of fact this show does not suck.

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71 Diff'rent Strokes
72 Red Dwarf

Brilliant, hilarious, space opera

British humour is an underrated gem! This is one of the most consistently hilarious comedy shows (and a sci-fi too! )

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74 Wilfred

I only watched three shows and they are so funny

75 Married With Children Married With Children Married... with Children is an American television live-action sitcom that aired on Fox, created by Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt. Originally broadcast from April 5, 1987 to June 9, 1997, it is the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on Fox, and the first to be broadcast in the network's primetime more.

Hilarious show, I was watching a marathon and was clutching my stomach laughing half the time - Razor79

A Hilarious show from beginning to end. - Zordon2010

Just watched all 11 Season again, this show is so funny! Ed O'Neil's and Amanda Bearse's faces super hilarious, all of them are so funny!

76 Blackadder

The first season may not be as good but seasons 2-4 easily allow it to be one of the funniest sitcoms ever made. Fantastic writing and acting!

Even season one isn't bad, but the chemistry between the characters in seasons 3 and 4 are like no other T.V. show I've ever seen. - Knucklewood

77 The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Its really funny! !

78 T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy is a cartoon created by Butch Hartman. It ran on Nickelodeon from October 2, 2010 until April 4, 2015. It focused on Dudley Puppy and his partner Kitty Katswell as they protected Petropolis under the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, or T.U.F.F.
79 Top Gear UK

Best show ever, what's is better than three grown ass men doing some stupid stuff? Nothing

Maybe not a comedy show, but still absolutely one of the funniest shows on T.V.. Jeremy Clarksons great British humour and their completely ridiculous challenges every episode make this show a must even if you don't like cars at all.

80 Childrens Hospital Childrens Hospital
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