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101 Black Books

Fantastic acting and writing. Brilliant dark humour! Irresistibly good!

102 15 Storeys High
103 Survivor
104 Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is one of the most respected comedians ever, and he defiantly deserves it.

105 Malcolm In the Middle Malcolm In the Middle Malcolm in the Middle is an American television sitcom created by Linwood Boomer for the Fox Broadcasting Company . The series was first broadcast on January 9, 2000 and ended its six-year run on May 14, 2006, after seven seasons and 151 episodes . The series received critical acclaim and won a Peabody more.

This show is amazing its on the list but it took forever to find

Why is this so low - Gunner224

106 Rabbids Invasion Rabbids Invasion Rabbids Invasion is a cartoon about rabbit like creatures which make incoherent noises while having adventures .
107 Mom
108 Mind of Mencia

Wow, he is not afraid to bash anybody. Homosexuals, Latino people, White people, Black People, Handicapped people, you name it, he has made fun of it.

109 That 70s Show

This is an amazing show, sad to see it in such a lower position

Best comedy that focuses on kids

Ohh come on! How is this in the 90s?! Ill admit its not the funniest but its definitely top 10 if not top 5! Its hilarious!

Funniest show of all time!

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110 Mighty Boosh

Great show I love it! Funny and every episode is just so fun to watch,
The first season is a little bit slow but still great but for me the fun was in season 2 and 3

111 Psych
112 The Pink Panther The Pink Panther
113 Victorious Victorious Victorious is an American sitcom created by Dan Schneider that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 through February 2, 2013 . The series revolves around aspiring singer Tori Vega, a teenager who attends a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts High School, after taking her more.

The music was good, but nothing else was good about the show.

For me, one of the greatest!

I like this show. It used to be my. favorite from like 2012-2013/2014.

Nelsoneric06, Stop Ruining People's Lists, You Brat!

114 Eagleheart
115 The Good Life

Nobody remembers the show these days. Don't know why. - PositronWildhawk

116 Mike & Molly
117 Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Funniest show ever. Go Pumpkin!

This Show is Garbage, It's Just a Bunch of Fatasses Acting Like Morons.

Really? Rick and Morty is Below This Hillbilly Trash? - kcianciulli

118 Worst Cooks in America

Best food show around.

119 Class Of 3000 Class Of 3000
120 Dexter's Labatory
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