Top 10 Funniest Undertale Moments


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1 Dating Alphys
2 Burgerpants' facial expressions
3 Encountering Greater Dog
4 Mettaton making fun of Alphys' crushes on live TV
5 Stretching Lesser Dog's neck
6 Getting dunked by Sans

Get DUNKED OON bitch! If we were really friends, you wouldn't come BACK! WOO-HOO!

7 Dating Papyrus
8 Temmie's Facial Expressions
9 Papyrus getting tears "stuck" in his eyes

*you made papyrus cry like a baby.
*what did you catch?

10 Bob The Temmie

"Hoi I'm Temmie! "
"Hoi I'm Temmie! "
"Hoi I'm Temmie! "
"Hi, I'm Bob! "

The Contenders

11 Annoying Dog absorbs the artifact
12 Sending Temmie to college

This title says it wrong it is not college it is TeeMie CooLEg

13 Alphys getting shipped with the Amalgamates
14 The screen zooming in an Sans after he cracks one of his bad jokes

Sans the punnyskele

15 Playtime With Papyrus (Comic)
16 Lemon Fed (Fanfic)
17 Chara's love for chocolate is revealed
18 Papyrus accidentally hooking up the Annoying Dog into one of his traps
19 Annoying Dog accidentally programming and designing the entire game by barking
20 Meeting So Sorry
21 How Burgerpants earned his nickname
22 Revealing Endogeny's true form
23 Papyrus cooking you an enticing plate of spaghetti
24 Sans refusing to pick up his sock
25 Mettaton moaning orgasmically as he transforms
26 Mettaton dying in one hit while in his NEO form
27 Alphys trailing off into hyperactive tangents about Mew Mew Kissy Cutie
28 Undyne actually believing that anime is real
29 Alphys getting dunked into the trash can like a basketball and becoming literal anime trash
30 Papyrus literally getting a giant hedge trimmed in his likeness
31 Alphys ordering a pizza
32 The Wrong Number Song
33 Mettaton boasting that he literally doesn't need arms with legs like his
34 Monster Kid tripping over and falling flat on his face
35 Reaper Bird's attacks
36 Alphys roleplaying as Undyne
37 Learning what the Tem Flakes are actually made out of
38 The song title "Can You Really Call This A Hotel I Didn't Even Recieve A Mint On My Pillow"
39 Sans commenting on how much Undertale's fanbase loves sexually attractive animals
40 Stacking nineteen hot dogs on top of your head
41 Papyrus getting the main ingredient for his special attack stolen by Annoying Dog
42 Discovering Toriel's scandalous sock drawer
43 Sans driving across the New York highway on a tricycle
44 Papyrus' favorite book, Peekaboo With Fluffy Bunny
45 Cooking With Undyne
46 Papyrus' COOL DUDE costume
47 Dating Undyne

Set her house on fire while cooking spaghetti

48 Engaging in a flexing contest with Aaron
49 Meeting Woshua
50 Lying on the floor and contemplating the very meaning of the universe's existence with Napstablook
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