Top Ten Funniest Vargskelethor (Joel) Moments

If you watch Joel from Vinesauce, also known as Vargskelethor, you'll probably be laughing a lot because he has some of the funniest streaming moments ever. Just searching his funny moments is enough to see just what he has that is hilarious. I'll include the stream in parantheses for the Youtube video that they are on.
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1 Grand Dad! (Insane Mario Bootlegs Stream)

Kicking it off with a classic from the Insane Mario Bootlegs Stream, a bootleg game called 7 Grand Dad that causes him to mutter "GRAND DAD!" upon just seeing the image. The game is appropriately bad and the character (a white-faced Mario clone with blood in the mouth) became a huge meme.

2 Twerking Simba (Insane Mario Bootlegs Stream)

Before Grand Dad on the same stream Joel plays a Jungle Book bootleg featuring Simba from the Lion King and the crouching animation has it look like he is repeatedly twerking. Joel loses it.

3 Nuking Norway (Shadow President Stream)

Another classic stream moment. Joel is from Sweden and for some reason hates Norway and in the game Shadow President he decides to send five thousand nukes to Norway in this fictional game.

4 Singing Nickelback (Shareware Madness Part 9)

Same stream as Color Fun, Joel plays a golf game and decides to change the music to a MIDI of Nickelback's Photograph, but he also tries to sing the song but he does so in complete gibberish and can't even finish a line without laughing.

5 Color Fun (Shareware Madness Part 9)

Joel finds a shareware game called Color Fun and it's basically an educational game, but what Joel does is change the audio files to some loud swearing and insulting the player and he makes them play at maximum audio at every possible moment.

6 Joel vs. the American Hornet (Super Mario Medley)

He pauses a stream of a Super Mario Bros rom hack because a hornet has invaded his room and he promptly loses it trying to shoo the hornet away for nearly twenty or so minutes.

7 Freaking out over a shoe in Signal Simulator (Signal Simulator Part 2)
8 Crashing Supah Doopah Poopah (Supah Doopah Poopah)

While this game is a game about poop, Joel enjoys how far it goes and the game actually crashes resulting in his most hysterical laughing fit.

9 YAHOO! (MIDI Mario Hell)

Context: Joel plays Mario NES games and sets it up to play different sounds with button presses. He can even do voice samples like in Shareware Madness, so when playing Super Mario Bros 2, he does his Toad impression (which is generally funny) and every button press is Toad going "YAHOO!" and Joel loses it.

10 Joel gets dunked on (Undertale)

Undertale players know the meme already but yes, his reaction is still one of the best when he attempts the Genocide route.

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11 Bulk Bogan Impressions (Hard Time)

For the fans of Joel, Bulk Bogan is a legacy meme coming from the game Hard Time. Bulk Bogan bears heavy resemblance to wrestler Hulk Hogan, but Joel voices the character in an indescribable way. He also makes the character obsess over "moosklays" (muscles) and he ended up being a legacy character for Joel's other streams like Vinewrestle or Oblivion.

12 Desktop Stripper Story (Windows 7 Destruction)

One of the classic Joel moments, during the Windows 7 Destruction stream Joel mentions and his dad walked in when he accidentally downloaded a desktop stripper and he uses a Kermit the Frog voice to mimic his dad and the line "JOEL, JOEL, DID YOU DOWNLOAD BOOBS AGAIN JOEL!?" is hilarious in that voice. It's something he never did live down I bet.

13 "Engage Biggie Smalls" (AI Dungeon Part 3)

In the infinitely generated text adventure game AI Dungeon, Joel finds comedy gold when he types "Engage Biggie Smalls" in the chat, and the response makes him laugh so much that he nearly pukes.

14 Super Dragon Reaction (Mr. President!)

When Joel streams a game called Mr. President!, he brings up a clip of a wrestler named Super Dragon, who apparently his fans keep clapping and chanting his name and he finds it hilarious when the wrestler breaks character and gets ready to attack the crazy fan.

15 Super Swedish Vent Rant (Mario Maker 2 Part 9)

In the middle of a Mario Maker 2 stream where Joel is playing Simpleflip's super hard level, he then makes a rant about how others see Swedish culture (since he's from Sweden) and accompanies it with silly music and a stereotypical accent and everything about Sweden.

16 Playing Pokemon Yellow Google Translate Edition (Google Translate Pokemon BETA)

Another Pokemon ROM hack, basically exactly as it says, where everything was put through Google Translate. Highlight dialogue includes "Welcome to the Boston World", "The war grows!" "Please pay for the war", "Technology wins!" "The sword is in the menu" and "You must die".

17 How a Wraith Is Born (Spelunky Part 9 Hell Run Death Roulette)

The title of this item is actually the name of the Twitch Clip this is derived from. So Joel has been playing a modded Spelunky and dies a lot in that game but his reaction to a certain death was completely over the top with a really long "WHAT NO" stretching almost thirty seconds.

18 Reacting to Sonic Underground (Shadow the Hedgehog)

During his stream of the game Shadow the Hedgehog he brings up a part in Sonic Underground cartoon where the green sonic was trying to save a robot baby Sonic but failing, then puts the Sonic Underground theme song and loses it.

19 Reacting to the gunshot sound in the menu (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Joel laughs hard at the gunshot sound in the menu of the game Shadow the Hedgehog because he already saw it as edgy but didn't expect it to be that edgy.

20 Jonnil song (Hardcore Friday: Super Mario Maker CBT Level Special)

In his own Super Mario Maker level Joel shares a stupid song he wrote while he played Battle Royale Mario and did it to a user named Jonnil. The song is just loads of heavy metal drumming and a constipated-sounding vocals scream Jonnil's name.

21 Wheelchair Mario reaction (Super Mario 64 Hacks)

While playing Mario 64 hacks Joel laughs really hard once he sees Mario in a wheelchair for the last hack of that night.

22 "Joel, come back when you get some balls!" (Shareware Madness Part 1)

In the first Shareware Madness stream, Joel plays Caverns of Chaos, a text adventure game. When he decides to run he gets the quote above and it makes him laugh and say "you can't put that in the game!"

23 Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament USA (SNES Madness Part 3)

During SNES Madness Joel plays a fishing game called Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament USA, and the game features Jimmy Houston. Joel loses it when he sees Jimmy Houston's face, and again when it comes to the weigh-in once he finishes a round.

24 Cornflake Zone (Grand Theft Auto III Part 1)

Joel has an additional microphone that makes him sound like he's on autotune so he messes with his viewers during his GTA3 stream. He also attempts to sing Disturbed's Down With The Sickness and Cher's Believe, unable to do the latter because he cracks up every time.

25 Huge Jackman (Pirated GTA Games from Indonesia)
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