Top Ten Funniest Viral Videos on YouTube


The Top Ten

1 Ppap (Pen, Pineapple, Apple, Pen) - Piko-Taro

I have a Man, I have a woman, URGHH! Babies! - micahisthebest

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2 The Legend27 - Game Of War
3 Trololo - Eduard Khil
4 We are Number One - Robbie Rotten
5 Lazy Sunday - Lonely Island UListen to Sample
6 Chewbacca Mom
7 Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life
8 NUMA NUMA - Dork Daily
9 Chocolate Rain - Tay Zonday

CHoCoLaTe RaInn - DaringXx

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10 David After Dentist - booba1234

The Contenders

11 Sex Offender Shuffle
12 Struggling Nun
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