Funniest Viva Answers

The Top Ten

1 Q: Define processor. A: Processor works according to the process,When a process comes into the processor the processor process the process and sends according to the process,So this process of processing is done by the processor..
2 Q: Uses of Optical fiber? B.There are many uses of optical fiber and optical fiber has many uses..Optical fiber uses Communications and Communication uses Optical fiber..Hence this is the uses of optical Fibre.
3 Q: Name the two diodes. A: First diode and Second diode..
4 Q: Why do we need cathode in this process A: We need cathode in this process because process need to be completed.But the process cannot be completed without cathode.So,We need cathode in this process...
5 Q: Why uranium is not used as an ornaments A: Because it reacts with salt in the sweats and the ornaments gets damaged.So, it is not used as an ornaments..
6 Q: why does the blood comes out when you stab your body? A: Because It need to see the guy who stabs!!
7 Q: How will you tell if the wall outlet carrier AC or DC? A: I put my finger in.If it is pushed away it is AC,If it get stucked then it is DC.
8 Q: If 20 persons build a house in 20 minutes and how long it would take to build by a single person? A: No time at all it is already built.
9 Q: What can you never eat for dinner? A: Breakfast
10 Q: Bay of bengal is in which state? A: Liquid state
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