Top 10 Funniest Ways To Break Up With Someone


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21 Talk about another person the whole time your with them
22 Play Single Ladies in public and put your hands up

Haha that's funny


I did this to my boyfriend and he got pissed but I told him it was a joke😂 then 4 weeks after I found out he was cheating on me, I did the exact thing and he said, nice joke, I said like our relationship walked off and carried on playing d song😂 he was embarrassed

23 Draw a image of her on MS paint of her being murdered, leave it on, then wait for the reaction

Laugh out loud I'm gonna do that to my boyfriend

24 Say "it's not me it's you"
25 Girl: our relationship is like a fat guy| Boy: what?| Girl: it's not working out
26 Through a text.
27 Say: "I got my vision back and I think we should break up"

I would most definitely do this.

28 You have my heart. I want it back.

Omggg that's so me

29 Tell them hey ya know you really remind me of the person I'm about to break up with


30 Sing "say something, I'm breaking up with you"

I LOVE this

31 Say: "I'm in love with my dog, I think she's prettier than you"

Why don't you say your dog

That's so funny! You know, it's funny in an insulting way, but still hilarious. If my guy would say that to me I would just laugh! It's so hilarious, come on guys! I actually liked the "I got my vision back" and "pretending you're gay" stuff.

32 Tell them you're going to draw a picture of them. Get a piece of paper and draw the letter X.

Say: Hey remember when we used to date? Those were the worst years of my life

33 Answer his/her call and say "hello oh hey (other name that isn't theirs), I think we should break up"

I would hurt someone if this ever happened to me most likely him!

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34 Say you're sterile


35 Guy - Wanna go to the movies? I think we should see other people. Literally and figuratively.

I will always do this when I have the chance

36 Make her mad and say bye stupid
37 Say "roses are red violets are blue I have five fingers and the middle ones for you"
38 Ask a friend to call you while you're with them pretending to be an angry spouse
39 Get Siri to Say: I'm Sorry, But I'm Breaking Up With You

I would so do that

40 Text her love messages but with a different name at the end of each message!


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1. Girl: Want to see a magic trick? Boyfriend: Sure. Girl: Poof you're single.
2. Play nonstop breakup songs while you are with them.
3. Pretend that you're the lost twin brother/twin sister and he/she send you to break up.
1. Say "bye bitch!"
2. Say you're going to the restroom, then run.
3. Ignore all calls for weeks, then say to him/her I was asleep
1. Say "bye bitch!"
2. Say you're going to the restroom, then run.
3. Ignore all calls for weeks, then say to him/her I was asleep



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