Funniest Ways to Die In Minecraft

Minecraft: The noob killing field. It's funny to die in Minecraft sometimes. Here's my top choices

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1 Invisible Creepers

Basically, someone uses invisibility potion on a creeper and the creeper walks toward an unsuspecting player. It's the funniest way for someone else to die in Minecraft, but can make you angry if you're the one playing. - ethanmeinster

You are talking in the comments too?

A great troll trap... - 05yusuf09

The guy will thought it was a ghost and run and call his mama.😂😂😂😂😂

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2 Zombies punch you with rotten flesh

That actually happened dyring my modded survival while my health was low fighting off the Kraken and a pack of zombies attacked me and when I slayed 2, one picked up a rotten flesh and killed me with it! - TheGoldenRifle

3 Falling into lava while mining diamonds

Diamonds are trolls under lava. If you mine them while standing on the diamond ore your standing on, you'll might fall in the lava - bugger

4 Villager Debt

Basically, when you die of debt because villagers charge too much emeralds! One offered one emerald for three bread! Seriously?! I can get the bread from your village, thank you very much. - ethanmeinster

Villager items are overpriced. The items need to be better or it should charge less emeralds. - MChkflaguard_Yt

True true but what if you give them 3 bread and they give u one emerald? good deals there! - lolingdog9000

5 Drunk on potions

We're lucky that there are regeneration potions, too, or it wouldn't be good AT ALL! I'm not saying being drunk on potions is a good idea, but if you DO get drunk, I'm warning you to never go near any caves!

Not funny at all and you can't be drunk in Minecraft.

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6 Sleeping in the Nether

No wonder Ghasts are sad. Michael Bay rules over the Nether kingdom and kills everyone who tries to sleep, resulting in mass hysteria, depression, and of course, sleep deprivation. - MKBeast

Lol That's so sad though..,


7 Suffocate in a tree
8 Getting scared by ambience in a cave

Happened to me plenty of times - Emberflight_of_StormClan

If they found a noob, the trolls can easy place this command into a rpc: /playsound

9 Falling

Falling off the world - Danteem

10 Getting pushed of a cliff by a cow

Always happens to me.


Steve and alex on a high cliff.
*One cow was splashed with a IAMCRAZY potion. It pushes steve*

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? TNT Cannon Fail
? Falling in the void

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11 Drowning

Not funny when you have spent ages on it

12 A dispenser of yours shoots chicken eggs and a chicken spawns and knocks you off a lava pit

Hey Buddy; wait what r u doing, ahhh

13 Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj appear in the game and torture you to death with their music

Luckily, my Minecraft skin looks like Halsey and would save the day with good music! - lovefrombadlands

14 Spawning a Wither in your house

Me:Time to make cake.

*A wither was made*
Me:How was that here?
*The wither charges at Me*

15 You are in the Nether and your portal was deactivated and you have no flint and steel or obsidian


16 Invisible zombies and skeletons in your house

Haha,it be funny if our friends came back to the house and when there in all tehy thought was that "Oh its gonna be a good day,i want a pie".No! 😂.Those zombies in side them will hit them down till dead and they"ll say"Oh,Its not a good day! *Cries*".

17 Chase an ocelot without any food

You will starve to death.

18 Buried under gravel
19 Shot by bow and arrow from 50 blocks

Your killer hit you from 50 meters away with a bow and arrow. He/She got off 3 arrows in only six seconds, scoring two hits, including a headshot- Full Metal Jacket(1987) reference

That must have been an enchanted bow.

Original line: 250 feet. Oswald was 250 feet away and shooting at a moving target. Using an old Italian bolt-action rifle, he got off three shots in only six seconds. He scored two hits, including a headshot.

20 A glitch put just above lava and you fall into it.
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