Funniest Ways to Die In Minecraft

Minecraft: The noob killing field. It's funny to die in Minecraft sometimes. Here's my top choices

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21 Placing TNT and then accidentally using flint and steel
22 Summon EnderDragon in your house
23 Creeper Fishing

Poopig in the toilet

24 Lose Creative Mode While Flying

I like to troll my friends and do this

25 Playing tennis with a ghost

In the nether! want a minute. are ghasts in the nether?

26 Using the wrong independents

(that position was to turn into a sheep.)

27 Low bridge

Don't ride a horse in a low bridge

28 Eating by a tree
29 Playing in the fire

Who will want to do that?

30 Starving to death after the villagers steal YOUR food for a change.
31 Starving to death after the villagers steal YOUR food for a change.
32 Falling into lava
33 Die in the exact same spot you died in after loading a new world with same seed

Ok... maybe this is more like torturous way to die in minecraft. dis happened to me.

34 Door traps

he he he

35 You forget all about the piston suffocation trap you made in front of your house

You build a piston trap to keep the zombies out, and you go on a hike. Then, you forget all about your trap, which you made almost COMPLETELY invisible and hidden. Then, you go walking straight toward it...

36 Accidentally discovering that the floor was lava
37 Flipping a lever that fires an arrow......and then a creeper blows you up

Flipping a lever that fires an arrow that triggers a tripwire that pushes a slime block that launches the arrow into a button that activates a piston that pushes a villager that lures a zombie into luring an iron golem over a pressure plate that launches a cat that scares a creeper into a fire that kills the creeper who drops some gunpowder into a stream that pushes it into a portal that slides the gunpowder over some ice and over a pressure plate that activates a piston that updates a block which updates a floating line of gravel that falls and updates a LONG line of gravel that drops a skeleton that lures a wolf into a portal that sends the wolf in front of a sheep that lures the wolf over a tripwire that removes a water block that suffocates a squid that drops an ink sac into a hopper that feeds a chest that activates a comparator which activates a piston that pushes a which off a pressure plate that pulls into a piston that pulls a line of slime blocks that pulls a stone block ...more

38 Lose your Elytra while flying
39 Getting hit with an egg
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