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21 After eating fish heads and balut, be forced to listen to Whip My Hair, and be so annoyed by that you decide to use tweezers to remove your eyes. This is all while you are held captive in a Toyota Prius.

Painful death. Listening to Whip my Hair is enough, but Balut, Fish heads, and in a Prius? Worth ripping your eyes out! Only things funnier are Beiber for too long, drowning in a poop shower watching F&CC, and tounge stuck to a pole in Antarctica. Also a close tie with the Jello addiction.

22 Taking a bath in the boiler

I haven't bathed In 50 years


23 Scream "I'm going to get hit by a car!"

And actually getting hit by a car

I belive there was a guy who survived falling off a cliff, then a car landed on him and he died.

And falling off a cliff, then getting hit by a car in mid-air

I should have looked to my right first - Neonco31

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24 Eating McDonald's

Me: *suffers from eating a big mac* Just one more bite... *has seizure* - Powerfulgirl10

I heard that they put illegal drugs in the food :/

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25 Running into KFC, screaming, "what's up my n*****" and hoping you don't get shot. But you do. Everyone does.

That's good. That's really good.

Racist but funny


Yoo my n*****" nice

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26 Being Tortured to Death by a Chicken Nugget

I got kicked IN the nuggets

This has happened to me

Yes just like the holocaust


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27 Having a date with a serial killer

"Oh, I really had a good time last night. We should go out again tonight. "
"Yes... Yes, my precious... I can't wait. "
Your expression: O. O
Your thoughts: Oh, crap, bad idea.

Lmao this one's funny!... I would prob be the one to do this because I will meet with anyone that interests me

I like it because I like them.

Killer: Did you have a good time?
Me: Yes I did.
Kiler: Let's hang out tomorrow.
*tomorrow* *we are sitting at a table and the serial killer stabs my foot with a knife; I scream painfully*
Killer: DIE YOU MORON! DIE! *rapidly stabs me until I die* - Powerfulgirl10

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28 Staring at Barney all night and/or day

NOO ten hours later NO

29 Be Harry Potter, reach 4th book, get AIDS.

Voldemort had his chance

30 Being Allergic to Cuteness and Then Buying an Ugly Cat for It to Have Babies That Are the Cutest Thing On Earth, Finding You Don't Really Have an Allergy and Being Mauled to Death by the Cats.
31 Playing a video game for too long

That's funny but true because you could act like the real world is a video game and step in front of a car and try to flip the car.

That actually was on spike's 1000 ways to die. Sitting for 3 days straight without using the bathroom slows the blood flow, and when you finally get up, the blood flow speeds up to a ridiculous rate and makes your heart explode. The heart was unable to process that amont of blood.

This actually happened to a guy playing WOW.

Paying video games for months and you die. Lol. - Powerfulgirl10

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32 Being hit by a cannonball that was fired as a salute to you

For those about to rock...FIRE! (Cannon Fire, guy drops dead) We Sallluttte Yoouuu! - SteelCity99

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33 Yelling at someone on Xbox Live, promising them you will kill them, then having a heart attack online

The other player would be like 'OWND! '

"D-d-did I win? " - mattstat716

34 Climb up the stairs of the Empire State Building to commit suicide at the top and fall back down the stairs on your head

Then how'd you comment, did you bring your computer?

I did that last saturday

35 Being beat to death by a fedora
36 Falling into a grave and getting crushed by a coffin

How does the coffin fall

37 Death by monkeys

I get the reference lol

38 Crashing in Happy Wheels, then getting ran over by a real Segway

God, I want to die this way if I had too

Me: *died on Happy Wheels; gets ran over by a real segway* - Powerfulgirl10

Reminds me of the Segway company owner's death.

39 Go out of control on your rollerblades and skate into a zoo full of mad rhinos

I would probly be the one to do this once. I'm love this one too lol

If you own a skateboard, and you bring it to a zoo with rhinos in it...have a good time!

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40 Not getting enough sleep

By playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (the most overrated game ever) for too long

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