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61 By reading funniest ways to die


62 Overdosing on Viagra

Heard of that


63 About to drown to death then the lifeguard arrives and bashes your head open after a fast collision with your skull
64 Catching a disease that causes you to grow warts of Skittles, begin to eat your warts, but die due to being the subject for a cure for the disease

It's a refrence to a commercial, for the particularly grossed out person who commented.

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65 Telling someone to jump off a cliff, then them doing it, but you going to the wrong place at the wrong time, and being crushed

reminds me of the joke with the refrigerator... anybody? The lover in the refrigerator, the guy doing exercises on his balcony and the husband

66 Avalanche of naked girls

I'll die from seeing too many boobs and vaginas. Because I am NOT the type of person who LOVES that kind of stuff. - Powerfulgirl10

There goes population control... - Kaboom

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67 Getting stabbed in the back with a carrot

Seriously? A carrot. Yea right!

How a carrot,I have and I didn't die I eat tons of carrots too

It has to be super pointy though. - Powerfulgirl10

I ate too many carrots 🙉

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68 Falling out of an airplane with two parachutes just in case, but find out both are faulty. V 1 Comment
69 Catching every lethal disease known to man after being violated by E.T.'s glowing finger

Symptoms of alien molestation may include fear of candles...

That's his version of flipping you off

Funniest thing I have heard this week

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70 Reading this

Sure like that going to ever hap...

That would be pretty ironic and I laugh out loud'd when I read that. Deserves to be higher.

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71 Fall Off a Cliff Somehow Survive Then Die In Shock From the Price On the Hospital Bill

Doctor:you survived so here is your bill
Me: the writing is so small how much is it
Me:WHAT I CA...*dies*

72 Pooping in the shower and the poop clogs up the drain and water fills up the shower and you drown in a watery poo poo mess while watching Fanboy and Chum Chum.

This one is great, but Barney would be worse.

Oh... My... Goodness... - Powerfulgirl10

73 Reading a full article on Miley Cyrus on wikipedia, then dying from exhaustion.

people need to listen to real music I should be able to die reading about the beatles who were here A LOT longer

True story! Or even worse - listening to WRECKING BALL.

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74 Being shot to death by BB guns

Kinda stupid, I mean if it was on the newspaper there would be articles like '10 dead in massacra' and really important articles, then
there would be 'man(or girl)shot to death by bb guns'. Embassering in a way.

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75 Falling off an escalator V 1 Comment
76 Eating Vegemite

I want to die


77 Scratching your butt, but then your hand gets stuck and you flail around and fall onto knife

Me: *scratches butt* Oh. Why is my hand stuck to it?! *flails around and falls and face plants a knife sticking out of the ground* - Powerfulgirl10

Gavin Free and Michael Jones almost did that.

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78 Get beat up by Dora

That would look funny! Just imagine that!

Dory wouldn't beat you up she'll keep asking where you are and forgetting thing - AlphaQ

I'll beat her up for sure. Even nothing is stronger than her. - Powerfulgirl10

That was so funny when I read it

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79 Get punched by the Hulk

So if it is added it will be a favorite

Talk about getting fisted - LordWalrus

80 Pooping so hard you rip out your intestines and your appendix bursts V 4 Comments
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1. Pooping so hard you rip out your intestines and your appendix bursts
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