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101 Dying while saving your loved ones
102 Listening to the Jonas Brothers over 100 times on your iPod
103 Talking for too long

Didn't even know it was possible. Lol - AmINumberOneYet

That'll happen to my class one day. - Powerfulgirl10

Is what teachers think at school

104 Playing Mortal Kombat on console and accidentally going into the tv just about when Sub Zero is about to do a Spine Rip to you V 1 Comment
105 Watching the earth explode from the moon then to die because you ran out of oxygen

When your in heaven everyone will be like, " oh I died during the earth explosion" and you be the only one saying, " oh ya I saw that, I died shortly after due to no oxygen on the moon"

Me: Wow. The Earth just exploded. *runs out of oxygen* Can't... breathe... *suffocates and dies* - Powerfulgirl10

106 Realizing how the universe cannot exist and then ceasing to be

Laugh out loud. Just like Kyle from South Park.

107 Flying to Canada and getting hit by a moose as soon as you step off the plane.

Surviving the plane crash, then falling off a cliff from untied shoes. - Kaboom

V 1 Comment
108 Fixing your computer and electrocuting yourself when the wire breaks and kills you

This guy's town's Repair Man has to be a zombie by now.

109 Marrying a murderer/ess without knowing it and then have and affair with her/his best friend.

Ha ha, imagine that. I bet everyone thought this was awful, though. LOLLing!

V 1 Comment
110 Getting your finger slammed in the door then get struck by lightning V 2 Comments
111 Making 1000 origami Yodas and dying after your fingers break off
112 Getting beat up by an ant who has powers.

Don't mess with ants - FireWasp2004


You:Hey, you dumb insect!
Ant:A dumb insect? How about you fight someone your own size. Wait, I know!
--grows to human size--
Ant:Now face my STICK!
--stabs you with a stick--


113 Being Licked to Death by Miley Cyrus

She will get crushed by the same wrecking ball

Apparently she is a cannibal now. - Kaboom

Right after that she gets crushed by a wrecking ball

I would love that

V 1 Comment
114 Waking Up Realizing You Are Already Dead.

Heh, Ultimate Realization.

115 Scuba-diving in the area where Osama Bin Laden was dropped who is actually still alive and trained himself to breath underwater and suicide bombs you V 2 Comments
116 Being beat to death by the weakest baby in the universe V 1 Comment
117 Break-dancing on Mount Everest then slipping and falling to the bottom
118 Sticks The Badger Mauls You And Then Throws You Out The Car Window! V 1 Comment
119 Losing in a fight against a turtle with a chainsaw

If you were even dumb enough to fight. - birdechosplash

120 Twerking too much
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1. The funniest way to die is by laughing, of course
2. Being machine gunned to death by a cheesecake
3. Dividing 0 by 0 on a calculator, which creates a black hole you get sucked in where Justin Beiber is the best singer in the new universe and you commit suicide.
1. Accidently beating yourself up
2. Listening to Justin Bieber for too long
3. Making a top ten list of this while dying
1. Pooping so hard you rip out your intestines and your appendix bursts
2. Laughing for hours straight over a drunken donkey trying to eat figs
3. You and Pewdiepie die in a plane crash by Smosh

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