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161 Get killed by a puppy with a shot gun

That is impossible

162 Get in a fight with Mr. Krabs over a nickel, and lose

I'm laughing HARD on this one. - Pony

Sorry Krabs, its time to die *pulls out a gun*. - Catacorn

Five cents? Really?

163 Get punched by the Hulk

So if it is added it will be a favorite

164 Poking a Rock, But It's Really a Bear.

Going out and poking rocks is a strange activity.

165 Killing a Cucco in Zelda, and then chickens break down your door and peck you to death.
166 Call 911 to request a fire truck, wait in the road while drinking beer, and then get ran over by the fire truck.

This is funny being hit by a fire truck while drinking beer this needs to be in the top 100 at least first one would be impossible to be for entire year laugh out loud troll

167 Being Crushed by Whale Blubber
168 Getting hit by an ambulance
169 Laughing at Final Destination... and then... it's your turn

I love that movie

170 Being Justin Bieber and getting eaten by rabid teenage boys
171 Getting stabbed by a tree with a knife, surviving and dying of a sausage craving three mins later
172 Try to fart to the other side of a river made of lava

I would try that

V 1 Comment
173 Accidentally breaking your neck with your feet V 1 Comment
174 While Watching Tim and Eric Awesome Show
175 Being Dragged to the Bottom of the Sea by a Dolphin and Then the Dolphin Does Horrible Things to You

You don't want to know how it manages to drag you to the bottom of the see.

V 1 Comment
176 Asking Pinocchio if you're fat

Then getting stabbed in the balls

177 Getting attacked by the Teletubbies V 1 Comment
178 Your Head Explodes from the Ultrasound of a Rape Alarm
179 Licking a lolly ice and then getting brain freeze and then your still frozen a thousand years later in the museum of aliens

I really hope that this now happens to someone,

180 Being decapitated but then your body dies of a heart attack
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1. The funniest way to die is by laughing, of course
2. Being machine gunned to death by a cheesecake
3. Dividing 0 by 0 on a calculator, which creates a black hole you get sucked in where Justin Beiber is the best singer in the new universe and you commit suicide.
1. Accidently beating yourself up
2. Listening to Justin Bieber for too long
3. Making a top ten list of this while dying
1. Pooping so hard you rip out your intestines and your appendix bursts
2. Laughing for hours straight over a drunken donkey trying to eat figs
3. You and Pewdiepie die in a plane crash by Smosh

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