Top Ten Funniest Ways to Get a Detention


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1 Give yourself a pie to the face

This would be delicious and awkward at the same time - PianoQueen

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2 Attempt a standing backflip off a desk

LOL. I know a few people who would probably do this! It would be so funny and so would the teachers reaction! - birdechosplash

This could get you a concussion and a suspension. - PianoQueen

3 Call your teacher a muggle.

If the teacher had a good sense of humor, they would probably just laugh but you would have to watch out who you said it to. - birdechosplash

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4 Meow randomly in class.

"Quit meowing. None of you are cats! " That would be hysterical. - PianoQueen

I did this when it was Math. I was dared to "meow" to anyhing no matter what. Teacher: What is the radius of this circle? Me: Meow. - Fandom_Lover

My mother is constantly telling me to stop being a cat, but themproblem is that weve got three, and they are so damn cute!

5 Say that whatever teacher next door is your favorite

Your teacher would probably feel bad about that. - PianoQueen

6 Have everyone in that class wear matching wigs.

It would be so hard to tell them apart especially if they are wearing uniforms. - PianoQueen

7 When your ELA teacher asks you to find the pronoun yell "Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders"

You'd have to see a Very Potter Musical to get this - PianoQueen

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8 Tell your teacher to raise his/her hand.
9 Mishear everything

"1+1=2" "What you like cheese? " - PianoQueen

10 Yell at the teacher if he/she calls you by your full name

If I did this I'd be yelling every 5 minutes.

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11 Jump up in the middle of an assembly and do Gangnam Style.

LOL! Everyone would just be staring at you! You would be in so much trouble! - birdechosplash

12 Start twerking

I am SICK of twerking. - BlueBobYT

13 Ask for help with the work, and when the teacher comes over to you, jump up and snog them
14 Don't do your homework but bring it just to rip it apart in front of your teacher in the middle of class and sprinkle it on them
15 Wear a gorilla suit to class
16 When you teacher say that someone died (during history class), turn on another one bites the dust by queen.
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