Top Ten Funniest Ways to Get a Detention


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1 Give yourself a pie to the face

This would be delicious and awkward at the same time - PianoQueen

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2 Attempt a standing backflip off a desk

LOL. I know a few people who would probably do this! It would be so funny and so would the teachers reaction! - birdechosplash

This could get you a concussion and a suspension. - PianoQueen

3 Call your teacher a muggle.

If the teacher had a good sense of humor, they would probably just laugh but you would have to watch out who you said it to. - birdechosplash

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4 Meow randomly in class.

"Quit meowing. None of you are cats! " That would be hysterical. - PianoQueen

I did this when it was Math. I was dared to "meow" to anyhing no matter what. Teacher: What is the radius of this circle? Me: Meow. - Fandom_Lover

My mother is constantly telling me to stop being a cat, but themproblem is that weve got three, and they are so damn cute!

5 Say that whatever teacher next door is your favorite

Your teacher would probably feel bad about that. - PianoQueen

6 Have everyone in that class wear matching wigs.

It would be so hard to tell them apart especially if they are wearing uniforms. - PianoQueen

7 When your ELA teacher asks you to find the pronoun yell "Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders"

You'd have to see a Very Potter Musical to get this - PianoQueen

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8 Tell your teacher to raise his/her hand.
9 Mishear everything

"1+1=2" "What you like cheese? " - PianoQueen

10 Yell at the teacher if he/she calls you by your full name

If I did this I'd be yelling every 5 minutes.

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11 Jump up in the middle of an assembly and do Gangnam Style.

LOL! Everyone would just be staring at you! You would be in so much trouble! - birdechosplash

12 Start twerking
13 Ask for help with the work, and when the teacher comes over to you, jump up and snog them
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