Top Ten Funniest Ways to Get a Detention

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1 Give yourself a pie to the face

Wow, congrats humanity!

This would be delicious and awkward at the same time - PianoQueen

I have had 19 in one school year - Nateawesomeness

2 Attempt a standing backflip off a desk

This could get you a concussion and a suspension. - PianoQueen

3 Call your teacher a muggle.

Actualpy, I called my teacher a squib. - SirSheep

What if you're at Hogwarts? - HufflepuffGeekGirl

I'm not listening to you, muggle! - PianoQueen

4 Say that whatever teacher next door is your favorite

My 5th pd Spanish teacher Ms. Garlic (not her real name) would do that - idksoleavemealone

Your teacher would probably feel bad about that. - PianoQueen

5 Meow randomly in class.

"Quit meowing. None of you are cats! " That would be hysterical. - PianoQueen

I did this when it was Math. I was dared to "meow" to anyhing no matter what. Teacher: What is the radius of this circle? Me: Meow. - Fandom_Lover

My mother is constantly telling me to stop being a cat, but themproblem is that weve got three, and they are so damn cute!

6 Have everyone in that class wear matching wigs.

It would be so hard to tell them apart especially if they are wearing uniforms. - PianoQueen

7 When your ELA teacher asks you to find the pronoun yell "Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders"

You'd have to see a Very Potter Musical to get this - PianoQueen


8 Tell your teacher to raise his/her hand.

I said that once and I got sent to student services - idksoleavemealone

9 Mishear everything

I have tried this, it didn't work

"1+1=2" "What you like cheese? " - PianoQueen

10 Cuss out a teacher

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11 Yell at the teacher if he/she calls you by your full name

I always do this but never get a detention.

If I did this I'd be yelling every 5 minutes.

12 Start twerking

I am SICK of twerking. - BlueBobYT

In my 1st pd a girl twerks everyday and our teachers doesn’t even notice but when I’m playing a game it’s the biggest deal in the world - idksoleavemealone

13 Don't do your homework but bring it just to rip it apart in front of your teacher in the middle of class and sprinkle it on them

Every teacher except my 6th and 7th pd teachers would give me 2 weeks DMC for this - idksoleavemealone

14 Tell the teacher "no homo"
15 Jump up in the middle of an assembly and do Gangnam Style.

I'd rather die - SirSheep

16 Talk when your teacher is talking, and when they ask you to stop, simply hold up the "Children Have The Right To A Voice" card in front of everyone.
17 Dabbing

Actually has happened at my school - SirSheep

18 Throw something across the room and yell out YOLO

I threw my book and "accidentally" hit the teacher, I got suspended

People in my class do this ALL THE TIME! My teacher will give them detention for this any chance she gets🙄

YOLO? Nah, Carpé Diem. - Cyri

19 Wear a gorilla suit to class


20 When you teacher say that someone died (during history class), turn on another one bites the dust by queen.

This would be great - SirSheep

21 Thump another student on the head with a Bible and scream, "Infidel."
22 Ask for help with the work, and when the teacher comes over to you, jump up and snog them

I’d ask someone in my 5th pd to do this but no one wants to snog my ugly ass spanish teacher because her breath smells like garlic and she’s shorter than all of us so it would look like child abuse (which it is because that 60 year old woman is abusing us) - idksoleavemealone

23 Pants someone

Probably would get you suspended - SirSheep

24 When the teacher asks you to do your work, open the window and jump out

Seems logical - SirSheep

25 While You Are In Class Yell Out Does Somebody Have Any Weed I Need Some.

I did it 1 time and the teacher made a comment about having weed and then said I am joking and sent me to choice

26 Drop a Pencil

This actually happened to someone that I know today. The teacher is so strict that if you aren't making eye contact with her the whole time, she gives you detention. - SirSheep

27 Pop a balloon

It souds like a gun shot

28 During a test, ask to go to the bathroom. Then come back, bust open the door, do a somersault into the room with a nerf gun, and then point it at some random place in the room then say "damn it, he got away"
29 Make a finger gun, and make a bang sound at your teacher as if you had a lazer gun. Then say, "gotta destroy those pesky aliens!"
30 Say the 21 meme
31 Use a pen in math class
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