Top Ten Funniest Ways to Kill a Zombie


The Top Ten

1 Run them over on a tricycle
2 Strangle them with a dead snake
3 Make them fall off a bridge with a flash grenade
4 Beat them with a can of cooking oil
5 Beat them with a dildo


6 With a chainsaw
7 Snipe them
8 Burn them with a flamethrower
9 Impale them on a meat hook
10 Drown them in diarrhea

The Contenders

11 Rick Roll them to death
12 Suck them up with a volcano
13 Stomp on them
14 Launch them into a tornado
15 Run them over with an ice cream truck
16 Throw vinyl records at them
17 Have Eminem rip their legs off
18 With a landmine
19 Slam a door in their face
20 Have Sonic spin dash them while Pikachu zaps them, Blaze burns them, and Jet shoots them
21 Throw them into a tornado filled with acid
22 Overdose them on crack
23 Slam a window in their face
24 Suffocate them with too many farts
25 Make them listen to Justin Bieber
26 Throw them into a black hole
27 With a chain gun
28 Impale them on a bed of nails
29 Put them in a woodchipper
30 Light them on fire and push them off a cliff
31 Have Silver The Hedgehog throw 42 cars at them
32 Creepers from Minecraft blow them to bits
33 Their heads explode after playing Five Nights At Freddy's
34 Poop on them
35 Burn them with a guy's flaming fart
36 Crush them with a falling truck
37 Decapitate them with a hand held chainsaw blade
38 Skin them to death
39 Cut off their hands and feet, stab them, and strangle them
40 Kick them in the nuts and then shove a chainsaw through them
41 Rip off their faces and throw them into a woodchipper
42 Suck out their organs with a vacuum
43 Melt their faces off
44 Make them watch Happy Tree Friends
45 Dress them in orange winter coats
46 Starve them
47 Have Po (Kung Fu Panda) squish them with his butt
48 Melt them in toxic waste
49 Throw a giant raccoon's butt at them
50 Make them eat eachother
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