Funniest Ways to Make an Anime Fan Angry


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The best part? Hatsune Miku isn't even an anime.

This is a good list. I think some of these items would actually make an anime fan angry. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Say anime is overrated
3 Spoil them on every anime they mention

But wouldn’t that mean YOU watched anime and know the information to spoil it for them? - NightJinx

4 Say "anime is nothing but an unoriginal drawing by a six year old girl who watches Frozen"

This is pretty specific

5 If they aren't Japanese, say "anime", then speak Japanese at them

They'll be like "Wa-Where's the subtitles?! " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

6 Cosplay their favourite character in a retarded way
7 Show a list about worst anime characters
8 Show them an OTP of the male character of their favourite ship dating the female character they hate

If I was an anime fan and someone did this to me I'll die of yelling - DubstepLover

9 Saying a non-anime is the best anime ever

What do you mean? Cory In The House IS the best anime ever!

You know this one. Cory In The House, Avatar, SpongeBob, all of that. This joke gets old and annoying real fast.

Dora the Explorer is the best anime ever jk. - Skullkid755

10 Anime is a cartoon

This will make them mad.

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11 Say that anime is so bad even Jesus abandoned it

The bible says being homosexual is a sin, and watching anime makes you gay. The bible says no anime.

12 While their favourite character is talking, mimic their voice like he/she is mentally ill

Someone did this to me while I was watching my favourite We Bare Bears character, and he was never heard from again - DubstepLover

13 Tell them Anime is the reason why Japan deserves a Third Nuclear Bombing

This isn't what I think! This is just something to get them triggered - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This should be #1.

14 Say Dragon Ball Z sucks

Actually, I don't watch that kind of anime. - PastelFlowers

15 Superman beats Goku
16 Saying that anime is nothing but overly-sexualized females

Just try this and see what happens.

17 Say that anime is Chinese cartoons
18 Say that anime is childish
19 Insult their waifu
20 "I prefer English Dubs."

Not all anime fans, but it will anger plenty.

21 Say you don’t like anime
22 Ask What Anime is Hatsune Miku From
23 Call It a Cartoon
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