Funniest Ways to Tick Somebody Off

The Top Ten

1 Play Music They Hate In Front of Them

I am so sick to death of Justin Bieber.

2 Lock Their Phone With a Password They Don't Know

I've done this to my sister several times. It was hilarious! - PianoQueen

3 Open the Door When They Are In the Bathroom

I would get so mad.

4 Hold Them In a Spot and Spit In Their Mouth
5 Play "Baby" On Replay

What's even worse is playing "Stupid Hoe" on replay.

6 Stuff Hockey Pucks In Their Mouth While Tickling Them With a Feather
7 Read Them Dora the Explorer Fanfiction

I don't care about dora the explora.

8 Scratch Nails On a Chalkboard
9 Pour Cat Litter On Their Bed
10 Read Them Miley Cyrus Fanfiction

I don't even care about Miley Cyrus.

The Contenders

11 Play "Stupid Hoe" on Replay
12 Eat a Bag of Chips Leaving 2 or 3 Left, and Put it Away Like There's Plenty Left
13 Leave a Empty Tub of Ice Cream in the Freezer
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