This small little man ends up being the funniest Youtube user, for his unbelievable amount of delusion and hypocrisy. A sociopath like him, who gets butt-devastated by "hateful" comments, or just comments that question his warped perception on political issues, like vegetarianism, rape, and relationships (in which he is absolutely hopeless). It usually comes to the point where he is such a dictator among his viewers that he censors everything but comments saying "I love you Onision". He is very likely to end up in a mental hospital before he turns 30. Thank you, Gregory James Daniel, AKA Onision, for

Liberal Arts, Brown University? Yeah, she's still dumb. Engineering, MIT or medical schools, Harvard / Cambridge / Oxford / John Hopkins then we'll talk. Stick to acting, Emma. Even though, people don't really hire you that much. I don't know about you but I read about feminism back in 2004 when I was 9. What has to be done was done. I'm not even going to clarify why it's retarded because it's so very boring already. Now, it's just females and some males (for example, this Greg dimwit) who try hard to be edgy that aren't very smart.

Onision is awful. His videos are not funny, he makes fun of people who cut themselves, and told a kid with suicidal thoughts that it was his own fault. Don't give him hate, just ignore him! - GREATEST

By looking at how he believe that or how he stated that he believe that internet IQ tests are legit, especially that one that he did, just proves to me how much of a genius he is. I did an internet IQ test at age 12 and scored 145 out of 145. I knew for sure over 50% of the population got above 130 on that test. Like, it's not that hard. Doesn't take a rocket engineer to figure that out. And IQ tests aren't an effective to measure human's intelligence either. It might be somewhat legit for 6-year-olds, I believe. But not for teens or adults as we don't use that kind of skill in our lives at all, apart from maybe mathematics and languages. They're completely irrelevant to the ability of understanding, judgments and predictions.

The psycho ex-boyfriend whom the young woman dumped after he physically abused her and murdered her mother while injured her father and herself badly with an axe for revenge also managed to escape.

Ever since I've seen him I've never been more happy. If it weren't for him I would have never found out of BVB. Everything that has made me happy links back to him. The thing is that no one likes people who are just simply bluntly honest. He just states the truth that many hate to here. He has had a huge impact in my life. If it weren't for him I would have never made it this far.

*Parents' loves are not unconditional.* Grammar police Onision, please spare my life. It does make you look smarter. But, please, spare my life!

This retard research Twitter polls, Tumblr posts and tabloid news for a living. If there's any joke he's ever made, it's his job and himself.

Onision is really funny but in the same time he helps a lot of people who cut and are suicidal and his wife is so pretty I love them both!

Poser. Bright enough to figure out all straight women are bisexual but not much more than that. An Eric Harris wannabe.

A man who isn't afraid to speak his mind while being funny should be higher up on this list.

Just the contents he puts out, boys and girls. No comment needed. I bet he wants to kill himself. I mean, I would.

I'm happy to see him in the top ten! The end of the hula hoop song gets me every time!

Try too hard. I feel like he has good intentions. You know, being a vegan and a feminist. According to him, only the loudest, flashiest, edgiest, not good feminists get all the attentions. (So I guess that's why he's got all the attention from the anti-SJWs.) Though, all feminists after the first wave are useless and unnecessary. But he's just too stupid to tell what's good and what's not. He's that delusional retard that thinks he's a genius. He wants to be a bad boy with a heart of gold (This guy's cheesy as hell. IKR) so badly that it's just embarrassing to watch. It just makes him looks like a complete retard. When Liam Gallagher, Thom Yorke, Bill Maher are bad boys, they're funny as hell. With this guy's attempt, it's just painful. Like that time he tried to be edgy and call people out on their bs about Christina Grimmie's death. That people did it for the likes and the retweets. This guy made me facepalmed. Oh, you keep up with the news! What a talent! You know about that ...more

Stick to acting Emma. Even though, you don't really get hired that much.

Whatever you think of Onision, he has helped as many people as he may well have hindered. I wish I'd had access to something like this when I was going through the horrors of teenage-dom!

He's funny and genuine people just hate him because he's honest so deal with it

Narcissistic who is just cancer to the internet

Like this so much! Laugh every time!

How is this fake crybaby at number 4?

Yes definitely one of the best and in my opinion second to none tie with nigahiga - berry

He's a very genuine person. He is funny, but he's also caring. Needs to be #1.

For someone to be that smart (I mean it sarcastically, in case, you emo f-tards can't grasp it.), it's almost always better to be dishonest (and copy other people who deem smart or successful) than honest.

I laugh my a$$ off when I watch him (point proven)

That being said. He's not even honest. He can't be. Since his whole personality is that of a poser, like Matthew Santoro. (At least, he tries to make 'quality' contents on his own so he's better than Cueball. I give him that.) And even as dishonest as they are, his positive core messages, they're still pretty darn bad.