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261 Jack Vale Films

His prank channel is amazingly funny. He puts himself into some risky situations in the name of good entertainment. On top of that, he seems like a very down to earth person that would be a ton of fun to hang out with. - FartyMcFly

262 LtCorbis

She's a twelve year old girl that acts way older than her age (that's not a bad thing).
She's legit the funniest youtuber on the net but

WARNING: SWEARING...a lot (its really funny)

Lt Corbis is a commentary youtuber and although she only posts like once a month its worth the wait. - YoungBoi

263 gaysoftheweek
264 CaptainSparklez

His name is Jordan and he is actually friends with Vanoss too

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265 Watchmojo Watchmojo
266 JWittz V 1 Comment
267 Epic Meal Time
268 Annoying Orange

Surprised it isn't last

If you don't vote for orange, you get knifed like apple

Funny very funny haha I like your videos AO

so cool - TheMagzo

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269 SkyDoesMinecraft

Sky never lose tracks of his funny stuff.
He was the best! He had many subscribers!

He should kill himself he has like 0 subs now

How is he not higher in the list? He's one of the best YouTubers ever!

You need to make more videos sky also you need to invite vanossgaming h20 delirious

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