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41 Robbaz

In my eyes robbaz needs to rule the thrown he clearly deserves to be in the top three he is the king of Sweden and most likely the king of everything, go watch him and you guaranteed to laugh

He is the most underrated YouTube-comedian that I have ever encountered! Good luck to his channel

Hilarious. I'm surprised he isn't much higher

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42 VenturianTale V 2 Comments
43 Piddleass
44 BarelyPolitical

This group does parodies and spoofs of celebrities.

One of their songs got stuck in my head a few times. - Maka

They should be much higher on the list.
Key of Awesome are the funniest parodies ever made.

45 HowToBasic

He isn't funny but I like the new format where it's a normal tutorial but then he start smashing things.

So funny. His videos are so childish but they are so funny. Please just go and watch him.

If anyone doesn't know but, Howtobasic gets money from YouTube to get all of that food. And he must have a big clean up after his videos, he's EXTREMLY FUNNY!

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46 Nostalgia Critic

This reviewer is quite weird and has a dark sense in humor. Plus he and CinemaSnob's review of Sharknado is hilarious. And also, "I'M THE T-REX! "

One of my favorites and his 3rd and 4th year anniversary specials are amazing


"Never mind. I'm really tired of you. (gooses Guido)" - Nostalgia Critic's inspiration Bobsheaux as Topsy Threehorn, one of the funniest quotes on YouTube besides how Mariotehplumber ranted about Little Planet's size in Sonic 4: Episode Metal

47 Raywilliamjohnson

Are you kidding me?! This guy is one of the top 3 best comedians on YouTube.

What?! Not even in the top 10?! He deserves top 3!

He's is one of the most funniest

48 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

Phil is so sweet and he loves his subscribers so much! His jokes are so original and funny and most of the YouTube trends started with him. Its really unfair that he gets this little recognition cause he's amazing.

I love Phil, he is one of the longest-creating YouTubers out there. He's created so many trends and often gets so little credit. Think 7 Second Challenge, the Toilet Tag, the Tumblr Tag, etc. He is genuinely funny, and his clean humor makes it great for younger viewers.

Why is Phil so low? I hate that Phil is around the 40's and DanIsNotOnFire is in the top pages! Phil deserves some credit too! He is really funny and sweet. He also has an obsession with house plants that makes me laugh every time I hear about it. I prefer Phil over Dan.

He should be first

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49 alyankovicVEVO

He is better than BartBaker! This is my own opinion but nevermind

50 BartBaker

Could be offensive but they are so humorous they make great parodies among all!

They have some vulgarity but make very catchy and addictive parodies

Dude this guy is so funny. Who cates if swears? He's making us laugh.

Lots of laughter in his parodies

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51 Wil Heuser Wil Heuser
52 Thecomputernerd01

So funny! Love Josh and Tyler, they make a perfect pair! Like in Gagman style! - funnyuser

Cute andd hiillaarioouuss he is the best got a love Josh and Tyler funniest chhannl ever should. Be number one

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53 Dashie

Dashie is funnier than most of the people on this list he deserves to be higher.

Dashie is amazing I bet you can not watch one of his videos with out laughing

One time, I had chest pains from laughing so hard at his Super Mario Maker videos! I almost had a heart attack so he deserves to be higher!

He should be higher he is so funny watch a video and you'll die from laughing!

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54 Cryaotic

Whenever Cry plays a game, he connects to all the game characters. When he laughs, it's amazing cause you just start to crack up as well. And when he cries, you feel like you can really relate to him. And his voice is perfect. Funny + Smexy Voice = Amazing videos

He has a very mature humor and is extremely talented, with a sexy voice. ;D (No homo)

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55 ForSkitsandGiggles
56 Jeremy Jahns Jeremy Jahns

Love this guy

57 Cyr1216

One of the funniest and most creative people on youtube, he is hot and definitely deserves more subs

58 KSI

He is a beast unlike the rubbish pewdiepie who does not deserve to have 35 million subs

He is literally too funny...he should be in at least the top 15

Never fails to make me laugh


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59 ScrewAttack

This one definitely deserves a top ten spot! - GREATEST

60 Venetian Princess

She also makes good parodies like Womanizer and Outer Space

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