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81 Tobuscus

Toby is simply the FUNNIEST guy in the whole world. I don't get how he does it... Really he should be number 1 not PewDiePie.

This guy is FUNNY. I shouldn't even have to explain it, just go search Tobuscus.

How the hell is Toby down here?!? Should be top 3 at least. I don't even know who half these other people are.

He deserves #1 on this! PewDiePie is boring E. E
Toby al the way

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82 Whiteboy7thst

I bet that half of these are peoples own utube accounts. This one is NOT mine, but I watch his videos all the time

83 Machinima

Yes, I'm talking all of Machinima. WoWCrendor, Jesse Cox, everybody. It's basically a network of nerdy gaming humor.

84 KEEPtheHeat
85 Egoraptor Egoraptor
86 ComedyShortsGamer

He is so funny. Makes a lot of sex jokes but never fails to make me laugh!

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87 MarcusButlerTV

He is just amazing


love him!

88 sxephil
89 MisterEpicMannā€ˇ
90 BuzzFeedYellow

Both channels have a lot of the same stuff but they are both interesting. What's also great is that they put out new videos almost every day

91 RiceGum RiceGum

Ricegum is so funny he has the best roast he is amazing

Why is my boi Rice down here? All the ones in the top ten are old and not funny.

Funniest you tuber ever


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92 penguinz0

A man with great laughs, and, unlike predispose, is mature and is no scared if ANYTHING.

Every thing he say's is just pure gold, and the the fact that he never laughs or shows emotion makes it even better.

So bland and hilarious.

This is the greatest YouTuber of all time

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93 maxmoefoe

These are prank calling channels. Enough said.

Funniest channel for a long time

There's nothing like a good nut


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94 CollegeHumor

This is a comedic group who does mainly sexual humor, however it is overall pretty funny.

Some of their videos, I used to keep replaying. - Maka

4th favorite


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95 Videogamedunkey

Literally the funniest guy on YouTube. doesn't take anything seriously, it sounds stupid, but its hilarious

The funniest gaming channel for people 15 to 16+ And can be so random its hilarious definitely recommend!

Best out there he's one in literally a million, a natural comedian he doesn't even try.

What's this? Videogamedunkey not at number one? pfftt! Nice one guys, anyway put him back... the joke got old

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96 Cinemasins

My dreams are being crushed. All my favorites are not even close to the top

The fact that this isn't even in the top 100 *ding*

97 TomSKA

Should be up with nigahiga

Come on. This far down?!

Most overlooked YouTuber ever. - naFrovivuS

98 Matthew Santoro

Makes some jokes in between telling facts which are really good.

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99 theDOMINICshow
100 WWE WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from film, music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales.

Love th top 10s

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