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101 SovietWomble

SovietWomble is one of those YouTubers who only uses the funniest moments in his videos, and he also uploads very regularly. He is one of the funniest people out there.

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102 Reaction Time

He's funny in so many ways and he can always make someone laugh

Best channel ever - DOCTORXB

He is the best YouTuber ever because he is funny and makes me laugh a lot. also all of my friends watch him and are subscribed to his channel, too.

He is my best youtuber in the world :D

103 Dantdm

What how is he number 107 I would be fine with 15 or 20 but NUMBER 107 I MEAN...REALLY

Dan is the best he is SO funny he should be number 1

He is always funny better thentany try not to laugh vidta he is an amazing youtuber always friendly nice and he cares about his fans even with his broken wrist he still did videos for us he has all kinds of content and uploads 1-2 videos almost every day

2nd best mc YouTuber

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104 GameGrumps

Honestly they are my favorite channel on YouTube. I'm watching them as I type this. I think they are hilarious. They always have something new each video. Personally I think it was better with Jon on the show but Danny is a great guy. Danny and Arin are two of the funniest people I've ever seen. This definitely should've been number 1. NOT PEWDIEPIE.

This is, so far, the funniest YouTube channel to me that I've found. I haven't watched too many of the smaller YouTube channels (e.g. Around 2-4 million subs), but the game grumps are by far the funniest to me.

I think Game Grumps should be higher than Egoraptor because GG is Egoraptor + Jontron/Danny.

Why did nobody put these guys first? Instead of putting these funny, original, and downright awesome lets players, they put RWJ, Shane Dawson, onision, and even Fred who just scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of comedy.

Runner up: Animalguy001 (AKA Fawful's Minion. Reason: he is just pleasant to listen to. )

105 TheDolanTwins

Dolan twins are made up of grayson dolan and ethan dolan. They are twins. Personally I like ethan more than grayson... I don't know. But yeah MUST CHECK THEM OUT...

I honestly think they should be at least top 30! They are so funny and never fail to make me laugh. Not to mention they are hot!

106 Zabwag

What Zabwag is doing with their content is admirable. they're genuinely funny and are making the most creative sketch videos on YouTube. I predict these guys will be at the top of this list in a few months.

Funniest new channel on YouTube by far, they have the potential to take the YouTube community by storm.

Zabwag are making classic timeless sketch's like people did back in the good ol' days of YouTube. More channels should take their approach.

107 Caspar Lee

How is Caspar not on the list?! He's hilarious, genuine, and awkward. It doesn't get better than caspar

Who made this list?! Caspar Lee is legendary, he is funny, adorable, awkward and not the best singer but hey, look at Jacob Sartorius, he practally lives on auto tune?! How did this get from Caspar to Jacob? Still Caspar is amazing, top five for sure!

Caspar's videos make my day so much better! he always puts a smile on my face! I love him so so much

He is better than #107 u idiots what the hell is wrong with u

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108 Cinemasins

My dreams are being crushed. All my favorites are not even close to the top

The fact that this isn't even in the top 100 *ding*

109 Mychonny

Why isn't he listed yet? He is like the funniest out of everyone! In my opinion - BlackDeathCode

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110 Wassabi Productions

Absolutely hilarious! I love Rolanda's life story and parodies haha!

111 newLEGACYinc.

Really funny channel that deserves more views very underrated - htoutlaws2012

112 Lazarbeam

Legit funny, and deserves tons more subs than he has right now.

He should be number one by the way everyone else sucks

The funniest gaming commentary on youtube!

113 ThatcherJoe

One of my favourite YouTubers out there! his videos are HILARIOUS. his kind of humour is my taste in humour :) very creative and talented and VERY confident with posting videos of himself fooling around!

How is joe not higher?! come on Joe is hilarious always cracks me up. You cannot tell me that Justin Bieber or these weird gaming channels are funnier than him

ThatcherJoe is definitely in the top 3. I love Joe as much as Caspar Lee loves pizza! He is hilarious, comedian material for sure!

ThatcherJoe is definitely my favourite youtuber. He never fails to put a smile on my face and can always brighten up my day with any of his videos. He is so hilarious and has a great personality. I live to watch all of his videos like the inpressions, pranks and challenges. He is very confident even though sometimes he can post some embarrassing videos of himself, and I admire his creativity greatly. He should definitely be higher up on the list.
P.S He is sooo cute...😘😍

114 We Are the Random Bros
115 Rudy Mancuso


116 HISHEdotcom

This is a YouTube animated series that shows what movies would be like if they had alternate or more comedic endings.

117 comedyboss101
118 Grace Helbig

Are you kidding? Not on the list?! I'm at school so I'm gonna keep this short but she is the funniest human to ever grace (pun intended) my laptop. :P

119 Ownagepranks

This is the funniest channel. The prank calls are so hilarious.

Best prank videos on YouTube.

Hilariously hilarious


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120 Jusreign
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