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161 Stampylonghead

His laugh

Stampy: Hello everybody, and welcome to a Minecraft let's play video, in stampys lovely world! And in this video I'll be joined by L for le, and nothing to a video without a cake...

(Lee gives stampy cake)

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162 TVFilthyFrank

He's easily the funniest on all of YouTube. Not only does he bring a wonderful sense of humor, he also brings original content. Also, he is responsible for starting multiple trends major trends.

Although he is no the most popular YouTuber, he is indeed one of the funniest. He makes videos of what you may call "retarded". He makes videos of himself acting like an idiot in public, however these turns out to be extremely hilarious. If you also listen to his "lecture" videos, they are also extremely funny.

Filthy Frank is one of the funniest YouTubers out there. Should be #1

163 Robert Benfer
164 CriousGamers

If you haven't seen Chilled chaos, then you are missing out sooo much. He is also a founder of his gaming crew, The Derp crew, which has ZeRoyalViking, TehSmarty and Galm

165 Twaimz

Twaimz is hilarious. He's just makes the funniest jokes and has the best reactions

166 TheGamingLemon

Why us he so low on this list he is hilarious

Brad is really funny and I like his Grand Theft Auto 5 videos

This guy is so funny his sound effects that he adds to his videos make the whole thing 10x funnier and his videos are usually 10-20 min long I love this guy

His gamecon 2014 vlog #2 it's so funny

167 DanielTheRealHeel 333
168 JAR Media

I love jar media. Not surprised that they're this low (since they're not very popular) but their off-beat cringe humour is hilarious (and it's great to see them here.)

169 FineBrothers

They are halirious and have a variety of different ages and personalities, and you can't not laugh while watching any of their halirious content.

170 PrankvsPrank
171 Ssundee V 1 Comment
172 Miniminter

Best YouTuber in the world deserves all his subs 3million and getting bigger quickly

173 Escapist
174 MattShea

He's so beautiful in every way! Amazing content, friendly fanbase, hilarious videos, and smexy eyebrows. What's not to love?!

175 UltraCool Legends

They new but they funny at least

176 KPopp

Why isn't this higher on the list? - NightmareIsHere_

177 Dillon The Hacker

Hilarious, especially his new Han Solo trailer and easter egg video but all of his videos are hilarious! - TopTenListmaker

178 Spoderman

Spoderman is so hilarious! I just wish he uploaded more often - DoroExploro13

179 Superfruit V 1 Comment
180 POiiSED
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