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161 theslowmoguys
162 POiiSED

His screams are hilarious - ParkerFang

163 TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert
164 JustinJamesHughes
165 PurpleP663
166 TheBajanCanadian
167 Qi395
168 Kwing

He's a DC Comics fan who does game reviews and plays games with his wife who's known as Kwife.

169 Black Nerd Comedy
170 Kevjumba

How come kevjumba is not even in this list. Seriously? He's funny and liakeable. He does some collaboration video with nigahiga too. You guys should check him out

171 Hodgetwins

Gotta be two of the funniest guys ever

172 Dcigs

This guy is funny as all hell

173 SevenSupergirls V 1 Comment
174 Stampylonghead

His laugh

Stampy: Hello everybody, and welcome to a Minecraft let's play video, in stampys lovely world! And in this video I'll be joined by L for le, and nothing to a video without a cake...

(Lee gives stampy cake)

V 2 Comments
175 TVFilthyFrank

He's easily the funniest on all of YouTube. Not only does he bring a wonderful sense of humor, he also brings original content. Also, he is responsible for starting multiple trends major trends.

Although he is no the most popular YouTuber, he is indeed one of the funniest. He makes videos of what you may call "retarded". He makes videos of himself acting like an idiot in public, however these turns out to be extremely hilarious. If you also listen to his "lecture" videos, they are also extremely funny.

Filthy Frank is one of the funniest YouTubers out there. Should be #1

176 Robert Benfer
177 CriousGamers

If you haven't seen Chilled chaos, then you are missing out sooo much. He is also a founder of his gaming crew, The Derp crew, which has ZeRoyalViking, TehSmarty and Galm

178 DarkMatter2525
179 Rosanna Pansino
180 Twaimz

Twaimz is hilarious. He's just makes the funniest jokes and has the best reactions

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