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41 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

I laughed, cried and screamed with this series... Definitely recommend a watch.

Tony The Talking Clock added this. (You can tell cause of my profile picture) - Mumbizz01

Watch it. Then try to get images's a nice show, check it out. Not creepy or mentally disturbing at all. But, really, I adore it, it's just rather scary. BUT it is amusing/funny, though it has a dark sense of humor. - PastelFlowers

Very well done, puppets, 2D and 3D animation, live action.
One of the scariest thing I've seen on Youtube (with Salad Finger) but you can really enjoy it more with all the theories.
The attention to detail is BRILLIANT.
The song are the amazing, from the creativity to the dreams.
-Funny to Scary turn in every episode
-Not a real ending (i didn't say a bad ending)
-This is not really a bad thing, but the fact that they said "every theory is correct" is kinda disappointing
Favourites quotes:
Fish everywhere.
Green is not a creative color!
Too much yeats make your teeth go grey!

42 Hardcore (PBG Gameplay)

This series is hilarious, awesome, well made, and it features both PBG and (originally) Jontron. Just watch the first or second minecraft season or the terraria season and you will KNOW!

43 SMG4


He's hilarious! - LordDovahkiin

44 KevJumba
45 Two Best Friends Play

Two of the funniest blokes around, look them up on machinima

46 CollegeHumor

Humor on a college level about typical college topics

47 Worst Intros On YouTube

Mr. beast rocks!

There is nothing but love from him he is u mrbeast an awesome youtuber sure he curses and sure he wants money but he brings it up so yeah. but this series is the funniest thing I have ever seen jokes about bleach (pretends to drink it) abortions (i knew we should of had an abortion) and abuse (every day a cat paper etc. gets harmed in an intro for each like a cat paper etc. will be saved) jimmy is honestly hillarius oh and I love giant asian sticker

48 Girls Tackling Boys
49 Mrs. Swan
50 RayWilliamJohnson

His series is called =3

51 Drunk Minecraft
52 ASDF Movies

Fun random cartoon made by the one and only Tomska (who also voices Tom from Edd's world)

Random comedy and animation at its best. Everybody do the flop!

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53 Battle for Dream Island
54 Good Mythical Morning

Its has two of the most awesome guys in it

Why so low?

55 Undertale
56 100 Ways to Make Fire
57 Angry German Kid

What? All the way at 58? This deserves to be in the Top 10. He makes me laugh all the time. I mean come on AngryGermanKid82, cool and DIAMTAR ALSO TheInsideFilmer makes the best Angry German Kid videos! - JaysTop10List

AGK82 was the best AGK parody maker, but now he is retired. There is AGKandvideomaker2000, who perfectly keeps making AGK parodies to this day! They both are funny, but no offense, AGKavm2000 makes it in such a way that they become really creative and sometimes realistic and hilarious!

58 HuskyStarcraft
59 TheSyndicateProject
60 evantubeHD

This kid rocks! It's always cool to see what he's up to!

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