Top Ten Funniest YouTubers of 2015

The Top Ten Funniest YouTubers of 2015

1 Markplier
2 Jackspeticeye

He is great. LIKE A BOSS!

3 KingBach

Yeah, he's a YouTuber too. - JaysTop10List

4 Nigahiga Ryan Higa, born June 6, 1990, best known as his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He's best known for his comedy videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. His channel was once the most subscribed on YouTube from 2009-2011, longer than any more.

This really should be number 1. - PizzaGuy

5 WassabiProductions
6 BFvsGF
7 Tobuscus
8 Mathew Santoro
9 CollegeHumor
10 Slamacow

The Contenders

11 MasterOfLuck
12 Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.
13 PeanutButterGamer
14 AmazingPhil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

He is super funny and adorable and has the craziest stories ever and at the same time is super relatable.
He is also just amazing

Needs to be 1.

15 H2ODelirious

His laugh is contagious and he says the funniest stuff ever!

16 IHateEverything
17 Element Animation
18 xNestorio
19 TheGamingLemon

Has the best and funniest video editing on YouTube

20 VineSauce
21 A Kind Ale War
22 TomSka Thomas James Ridgewell, known online as TomSka, is a British YouTube celebrity, actor, writer, producer, director, voice actor and filmmaker, as well as founder of the Turbopunch Ltd.
23 LeafyIsHere
24 Filthy Frank
25 iDubbbzTV Ian Carter, better known online as iDubbbz, is an American YouTube personality and comedian, most well known as the creator of YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames, as well as comedy video series Content Cop, Bad Unboxing and Kickstarter Crap.
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