Top 10 Funny Genre Names for Combinations with Metal Subgenres

No limitations for your imagination on this list.
Combinations may already exist but you can give them new names.
You can also create new combinations that don't exist and give them names.

Combinations can include:
1) metal + metal subgenres (power + groove metal)
2) metal + non-metal genres (metal + country, jazz, etc).

The Top Ten

1 Progressive Metal + Country = Regressive Metal

Can't wait for Dolly Parton version of Octavarium! - Metal_Treasure

2 Black Metal + Doom Metal = Bloom Metal

A genre about flowers! - Metalhead1997

Haha Bloom metal :D
Seems so different from the two genres - Ananya

3 Pop + Heavy Metal = Soda Can
4 Heavy Metal + Disco = Happy Discopathy Metal
5 Speed Metal + Doom Metal = Turbo Snail Metal
6 Math Metal + Death Metal = Meth Metal

Many people would be interested in it then... - Ananya

7 Power Metal + Groove Metal = Powerproof Metal

Lol Powerproof metal... - Ananya

8 Black Metal + Christian Metal = WDF Crossover

In fact, there are several bands that play black metal music with Christian lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

9 Folk Metal + Symphonic Metal = Folkonic Metal
10 Thrash Metal + Power Metal = Power Thrash

The Contenders

11 Heavy Metal + Country = Heavy Country

So this can exist? - Ananya

12 Pornogrind + Pop = Porno Pop

I think I added this LOL I was immature back when I first started but I have since gotten a lot more mature - christangrant

13 Heavy Metal + Grindcore = MetalGrind
14 Power Metal + Death Metal = Epic Murder Metal
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