Top Ten Funny Insulting Names for Songs

They can be both good and bad songs. This list will make you laugh your head off! And you can submit a name too to make the list even funnier! Time to get a good joke and laugh! The names can be offensive, just as it's not racist or insulting to religions. And make sure to add the original song next to the parody. This list is a joke, not to be taken seriously.

The Top Ten

1 Stupid Gang - Lil Trump (Gucci Gang - Lil Pump)

This list is so hilarious and the title fits this song well, cause it sucks. How about lil diaper brain gunky trump gang lol.

Poopy Gang - Lil Dump

I myself didn't like that gucci gang song - BoyGenius234

Lol! Lil Pump is a Trump supporter(don't know if he really is, just joking around). And his song and gang is stupid, so it should be called Stupid Gang instead of being the name of a brand.

2 It Smells Like S*** - Near Caca (Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana)

Back off Nirvana! Make some space for the new band Near Caca, which is a much better band! Especially with their masterpiece, It Smells Like (Bleep).

3 Beb****ed - Blood on the Crapfloor (Bewitched - Blood on the Dancefloor)

Where is the blood? On the floor full of crap. And what are you expected from them? To Be €£¥+*%#. That is how the song was created, just from this.

4 The Douchebag People - Marilyn Monroe Wannabe (The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is a Marilyn Monroe wannabe, which is the new artist parodying him! And people are pretty much jerks, so this is the perfect song! I would use this song on my bullies.

5 I F***ed You - Stink-182 (I Miss You - Blink-182)

Yeah, unlike Blink-182, Stink-182 does not miss you, they hate you. Markus Lupus, Davis Farter, and Tim LaBonge don't like anyone. And they are full of hatred too!

6 Get The F*** Out of Here Sandman- S**tallica (Enter Sandman - Metallica)

Yeah, no one wants the Sandman here. We all want him to get out! So it is time for the new version of Metallica to kick these asses out of the way!

I think it would've been better if you typed Metallic*nt.

7 Shoot Me When This S****y Song Ends - Green Gay (Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day)

Yes, the song was so bad that people had to shoot themselves after the song ended. Billy Jojo Armluck, Tre Uncool, and Micky Dirt hated the song so much that this is the title they came up with.

8 I Don't Wanna Die In Bieber's Arms - Dustbin Beaver (Die In My Arms - Justin Bieber)

Dustbin Beaver, Justin Bieber's twin, actually hates him and would never die right in front of him or next to him. He, unlike Bieber, isn't famous, and is jealous of his famous brother, but also hates him for making fun of him.

9 Bad Singer - Yolo Oh No (Bad Dancer - Yoko Ono)

Lol! Yoko Ono is a bad singer, so her singing this will make me laugh my head off. "I'm a bad singer, bad singer, bad singer, with no regrets". That will be a really honest song! Lol! Yoko should actually make this.

10 Stinky Hoe - Mickey Mouse Miraj (Stupid Hoe  - Nicki Minaj)

What's funny is that "Stupid Hoe" already sounds insulting.

Yeah, Mickey Mouse Miraj does not like people who smell and stink, so she made this song to insult all people who do not take showers and smell. She thinks all people who smell are hoes who are too lazy.

The Contenders

11 Ewwshorts - Jakub Saggytaurus (Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius)
12 Watch Me Die - Silenthoe (Watch Me - Silento)
13 What Does the Nails on Chalkboard Say? - Illvis (What Does the Fox Say? - Ylvis)
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