Top Ten Funny Questions to Ask the Warrior Cats

These are the funniest questions to ask the warrior cats (some question can be a little random)

The Top Ten

1 Did your leader claw your face at the warrior ceremony? (Clawface)

Claw face: nope just born like that
Fire star : born dumb
claw face: you where not borrmn dumb
Fire star : whatever

2 Did you survive a storm of goats? (Billystorm)


3 Are you a fan of Harry Potter? (Harrykit)

Moonstone: are you a fan of Harry Potter?
Harrykit: yess - Grassheart

4 Are you a kit-machine? (Ferncloud)
5 Do you have dirty teeth? (Yellowfang)
6 Do you sneeze all the time? (Sneezekit)
7 Have you meet Slenderman? (Tigerstar)

Dottedsky(me): Welcome to the Warrior's Show and today we'll be interviewing Tigerstar! Come on out Tigerstar!
Tigerstar: Eh, everyone!
Crowd of Fans: BO! YOU STINK! SUCKER!
Tigerstar: Eh, no problem.
Dottedsky(me): So, Tigerstar, have you ever seen Twoleg monster bark?
Tigerstar: Nooo, why?
Dottedsky(me): Oh, it doesn't matter anyways! Have you ever met Slenderman?
Tigerstar: I'm ready to claw your eyes out until you tell me who this Slenturmacm is.
Tigerstar: Or shall I claw you?
Crowd of Fans:!
Tigerstar: Last warning!
Dottedsky(me): Er, so, uhm, Slenderman is real, and he's an assassin-
Tigerstar: I HATE killers!
Dottedsky(me) & Crowd of Fans: HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA!
Dottedsky(me): You hate yourself?
Tigerstar: Get ready for a clawing...
Dottedsky(me): Oh-uh-that's-it-for-today-folks-remember-to-keep-watching-The-Warrior's-Show-and- AGH PAIN! PAIN!
Tigerstar: I haven't even ...more

8 Are you mad at the AshXScourge shippers? (Scourge or Ashfur)
9 Did you memorise all of the tribe cats names? (Stoneteller)
10 Did your leader make dirt on your face at the warrior ceremony? (Dirtface)

Oh. Wow... That... Yeah, that name is unfortunate. - AnonymousChick

What kind of Leader (Medicine cat) in the Dark Forest names a cat 'Dirtface'? - cassiabez

The Contenders

11 How old are you? (Mistystar)

Age:Approx.151 Moons (12.6 Years) - cassiabez

12 Have you ever slapped yourself in the face with a rainbow? (Scourge)
13 Do you like to swim in a pool of leaves (Leafpool)
14 How are you a Russian Blue if Russians Blues have Green eyes and you Blue eyes? (Bluestar)
15 What's your original eye Color? (Dovewing)
16 Your tail it's a feather-like? (Feathertail)
17 Were you ever hit by a supernova? (Firestar)
18 Are you immortal (Heavystep)
19 Are you hungry all the time (loudbelly)
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