Top Ten Funny and Random Things to Say When Someone is About to Punch You

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You shouldn't punch me! If you punch me, then it's potato-abuse because I'm a potato!

Me and my friends were cracking up - Penguino

I hate potato abuse! Potatoes are veggetables too, you know? - Martinglez

I'm your boss and I'm gonna kill you with my spartan-unicorn!
Look over there! A distraction!
Yo, wanna do the Harlem Shake?
If you punch me, my fangirls/boys are gonna attack you!
Oppa gangnam style!
Do you like waffles?

This one's actually funny.

I want a pony!

That's just epic! - Userguy44

Here comes the pain!

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Look out! Banana elephants behind you!
I'm calling the cops for abuse!
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