Top 10 Funniest SuperMarioLogan (SML) Characters

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He was my idol. He would always do something funny, And I had to love him for that. Just because Jeffy is ugly and dumb, Doesn't give you a reason to hate him. Leave Jeffy Alone. - Joshtition24

What the hell is Jeffy doing on number 1? I mean, he sounds like a drunk person. The uh uh sound makes my ears bleed. I mean, he is annoying and he always does bad things for no reason. Well he shouldn't be on number 1. But I can still respect people's opinions on Jeffy.

He is funny. However, he does curse often, even everyone else. Logan should at least make him and everyone else to not curse or make him family friendly, because his videos will get DEMONETISED if he involved mature stuff in his videos.

Jeffy isn't funny. All he does is yells and swears at Mario. I don't see how that can be funny at all. He does the same jokes OVER and OVER again. I think Jeffy is the MOST overrated SML character EVER!


His mom even makes it funnier because of how embarrassing cody is when he does all those weird stuff.

Cody Was So Funny but some gay jokes where WHY


Oh heck no why in the mother of god does my two persons I hated in my whole life needed to be in the top 2, they needed to be in the bottom 2 because I can't stand those two they almost ruined my life, they are unfunny, filler, no good, stupid, gays, jerks and their musics are just terrible I mean terrible, I hope stupid sml channel, the crew, Logan, and those two idiots should burn in hell forever.

Black Yoshi Black Yoshi is a deuteragonist of SuperMarioLogan. He is a stereotypical black gangster and one of Mario's friends.

His poor choice of grammar always gets me cracking. And for some reason, He never gets injured except for Black Yoshi's Chicken Sandwich Where Jeffy throws a Vacumm Cleaner on his head. So Funny lol - Joshtition24

Black Yoshi is for some reason the funniest character in the show. He's a stereotype who plays Call of Doodies, drinks Dat Purplest Kool-Aid, and speaks in Ghetto. The weirdness in the guy is what makes it shockingly good.

It says something about "The Woofis is been Dissconectiz"! Favroite line from him.

Brooklyn T Guy

His puns are too much for me to handle.
The classic jokester of the channel. He also Secretly hates his wife, Which is uncommon. - Joshtition24

I like this guy so much! Favorite characters are jeffy mama luigi and Cody and Brooklyn t guy!

His puns are just amazing

He should be at #1

Bowser Jr.

Even though Logan overuses him and jeffy. I hate jeffy but I still like junior though - Yoshi


He's super rich, Yet he wastes his money on stupid things. If I was a character on SML,(Probably a Pikachu Plush or Something) I Would be like Hell No! - Joshtition24

I love how he uses so much money on stupid things like taking a piss on the moon

Mama Luigi

where's all the old school SML fans? I'm the only one...? ok

He's funnier than jeffy

He is the star and if mario and him got into a fight, Mama luigi would win. He is SOOOOO Funny. - Joshtition24

Two words: Toad's Mistake

Chef Pee Pee

I love chef pee pee. Why? - Verx673

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Jackie Chu
Drawing Jeffy

Jeffy is better

Doofy the Dragon

Not funny at all - Spongebob12



He eats cheesecake, takes craps and calls everyone donkey

I remember him from back when I watched SML as a kid :D - Extractinator04


Bowser junior, Cody, Joseph and road were the 4 main best friends but then this great character got replaced by crappy jeffy - Yoshi

I mean toad not road - Yoshi

Heck yeah!

Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes)

Basically Jeffy's precursor. Unlike Jeffy, he was actually a very funny character. Tony should be number 1 instead of Jeffy!

He is super funny - Joshtition24

David Winkle
Principal Steinbeck

The way he pronounces things, everything about him is both evil and funny. Best villain ever; if I was a character in SML (probably a Corrin/Kirby plush or something), I'd be both scared and laughing at the same time.



Judy Nutkiss
Tyrone Nutkiss
Jeffy Junior

I agree with you-Claire I Net

He literally wrote Adolf Hitler on his nametag 😂😂😂

Craig the Devil

This Man Was More Funny than Hansel The Homeless man And Brooklyn T Guy And Harold The Old Man And the Sloan Dolphin

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