Funny Things Drunk Men Shay -sorry- Say

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1 (In woman's ear) "I can show you a good time, but I may be a bit shrunk..." *Burp*

Hmm... How can a woman ever resist THAT? - Britgirl

2 "I need to s*** before I fall down."
3 "Sheesh my wife. I'm her housebound."
4 "I can take on the lot o' yer!"

Some staggerer putting his fists up at another drunk man, thinking there're ten of them. - Britgirl

5 "Eh? Whadda mean I've had enough? I've only shared shex with me mates!"

Shex with your mates? Good grief, man! You're way gone! - Britgirl

6 "I need another shrink!!"
7 (making a toast) "I trapose a post" (instead of, "I propose a toast".)

I trapose a post to this list. I spove the loonerism. - PositronWildhawk

8 "Baby, baby, baby, ooh...."

Haha even if drunk it's a crime singing this! Great list, Britgirl! I love it! And I love you! - keyson

Even if you have a beautiful singing voice, you must be drunk to shing -sorry- SING this! - Britgirl

9 "I really fanshee my wife" *hic*
10 (Sobbing to lamppost) "My wife doesn't understand me!"

(To the lampost) Even this fellow (lamppost) doesn't understand me. At least he could have given me some advice... - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 I'm not as think as you drunk I am


Love this list.

Ha ha ha, makes me laugh

12 I swear to drunk I'm not god
13 Shiver me timberssss, imma pirate on a piratesh ship

Sorry, I had to add this😂

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