Top Ten Funny Things a Vandal Might Put On a Stop Sign

After reading this list, please don't vandalize any stop signs. Understood?

The Top Ten

1 Stop. Hammer Time.

MC Hammer lives near my grandma (in the same city), and used to randomly stop at her neighbor's house for a mknute, and then hand over some cash and speed away in his Hummer. Wonder what could have been going on there... - SirSheep

I've seen this before. - PianoQueen

2 Stop because I said so.

Haha - Ananya

3 Stop. NO YOU STOP.
4 I wouldn't stop here if I were you
5 Stop defacing stop signs
6 Stop. Zombies crossing!
7 Stop. In the name of love.
8 Stop in the name of Plod!

If only the local Noddy housing estate had stop signs. - Entranced98

9 Stop if you feel like it
10 Please don't

The Contenders

11 Start (Written over the word stop)

If I ever saw that I’d probably take a pic and put it on my wallpaper

12 Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
13 Do Not Lick Me

*licks anyways* - AlphaQ

What if your tongue gets stuck? - TwilightKitsune

Uhmmm... *licks anyways* BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA! - Fandom_Lover

*licks* - Pegasister12

14 Stop sign above.
15 It's peanut butter jelly time!
16 Stop reading this

Oh ok *Keeps reading* - AlphaQ

17 Stop it right now!
18 Stop! Wait a minute
19 Stop, Drop & Roll
20 Stop talking
21 Stop. Do not enter
22 Stop saying that!
23 Stop red light. Go green light
24 Stop staring at me!
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