Top Ten Funny Things a Vandal Might Put On a Stop Sign

After reading this list, please don't vandalize any stop signs. Understood?

The Top Ten

Stop. Hammer Time.

MC Hammer lives near my grandma (in the same city), and used to randomly stop at her neighbor's house for a mknute, and then hand over some cash and speed away in his Hummer. Wonder what could have been going on there... - SirSheep

I've seen this before. - PianoQueen

Stop because I said so.

Haha - Ananya

I wouldn't stop here if I were you
Stop defacing stop signs
Stop. Zombies crossing!
Stop. In the name of love.
Stop in the name of Plod!

If only the local Noddy housing estate had stop signs. - Entranced98

Stop if you feel like it
Please don't

The Contenders

Start (Written over the word stop)

If I ever saw that I’d probably take a pic and put it on my wallpaper

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Do Not Lick Me

*licks anyways* - AlphaQ

What if your tongue gets stuck? - TwilightKitsune

Uhmmm... *licks anyways* BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA! - Fandom_Lover

*licks* - Pegasister12

Stop sign above.
It's peanut butter jelly time!
Stop reading this

Oh ok *Keeps reading* - AlphaQ

Stop it right now!
Stop! Wait a minute
Stop, Drop & Roll
Stop talking
Stop. Do not enter
Stop saying that!
Stop red light. Go green light
Stop staring at me!
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