Funny Ways to Get Back at Your 5 Year Old Sister

Funny ways to get back at your sister for being a jerk.

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1 Find the most disgusting, vile, scary picture you can, hide it in a secret place such as a closet or basement

Just so you know, all of these things immediately stop working when your sister turns 6. Or, if you have a brother, it will never work on them! - sadical

Tell her there is a family secret she is old enough to see, make her swear to secrecy, reveal the picture and... Tell her it was a picture of her when she was born.

This is hilarious! I think this should be number 1

Hahaa this is good I'm going to use this now... Laugh out loud

2 Call her a name she called you

You’re a meanie green beanie! - sadical

This works best when the name she called you is offensive in her kindergarten class or she finds it absolutely mean in every way.

3 When she is asleep put her hand in a cup of warm water

This works best when she has told her parents she won't wet the bed any more because she is old enough not to.

I've done this to my younger brother in my time, and it was joyous (well, not for him). - PositronWildhawk

4 Turn on the stereo when she is napping
5 Tell her best friends she has lice

Not if she doesn't have any friends! - sadical

This doesn't work very well in summer

That's bad... (But so funny)

6 Cut a chunk of her hair of when she is sleeping and place the scissors in her hand

This one is just mean. Its funny though - Danielsun182

Make it look uneven and bad so the parent believe she did it

7 Tell the boy she hates the most and tell him she has a crush on him and to confront her about it

She’s 5... remember? - sadical

8 Eat the last of her favorite food

Once when my cousin was about 6 my great uncle gave her all the Pizza Hut breadsticks and denied me any and I got so mad that I attempted to steal her last piece and eat it but it didn't work and I got in trouble with my mom instead >:(

And for extra mean if you feel like that use your voice and body to make it seem like the best tasting thing ever even if you hate it

9 Tell her she was adopted

If like my sister she will probably say, "prove it" print false adoption papers and write the adoption info in and show it to her. P.S. make the papers before the prank.

10 Steal her money and say there is a money monster running around

Don't say anything about the money monster until she starts noticing her missing money. If you can get a friends sister involved tell her you will pay her is she says, "the money monster stole my money! " in front of little sister

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11 Put slimy things in her clothes
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