Top Ten Fusion Genres We Hope Never Get Invented

On every entry, you'll find a made-up fusion genre created from two existing genres.
Let's hope none of these genres ever get played by real music artists, because it wouldn't sound pleasant.

The Top Ten

1 Noise Metal (Traditional Heavy Metal and Noise)

Imagine a traditional heavy metal song, like Electric Eye by Judas Priest, but then with thicker guitars, distorded vocals, and with BUCKETS and BUCKETS of computer distortion.
No thanks.

2 Dank Metal (Hip Hop and Black Metal)

Imagine this: A very fast tremolo-picked riff with insanely fast drums, with mid-tempo rapping and a lot of Lo-Fi.
Imagine how that would sound.

3 Teenage Metal (Teen Pop and Thrash Metal)

Thrash metal isn't a genre that you should dance to.
Thrash metal is a genre that you should HEADBANG to, so this would never work out.
Oh, and don't get me started on the idea of how it would be if Thrash Metal singers used Auto-Tune.

4 Classicore (Grindcore and Classical)

Grindcore is an extremely noisy subgenre, so noisy at times that I can't stand it.
Classical is a good subgenre, so combing it with Grindcore wouldn't sound good.

5 Folkgrind (Pornogrind and Folk)

Pornogrind is the one of the most noisy and disgusting genres ever.
Mixing it with folk instruments wouldn't sound good.

6 Dance/Doom (Doom Metal and Dance)

Doom Metal gives a feeling of despair, and is meant for listening and not dancing.
So if you fuse it with dance music, it would sound totally not-metal.

7 Elec-drone Pop (Drone Metal and Electro-Pop)

Imagine this:
A pop beat, with poppy vocals and auto-tune, with a loud and distorted and stretched guitar riff on the background.
Drone metal is noisy, so adding pop beats and auto-tuned vocals would sound a bit too much.

8 Folcore (Deathcore and Folk)

Imagine combining high-pitched folk instruments like bagpipes and violins with down-tuned guitars and shrieked vocals and breakdowns.

9 NES Jazz (Chiptune and Soft Jazz)

Soft Jazz is perfectly fine and relaxing, so adding Chiptune wouldn't make it better.

10 Grind4Kids (Grindcore and Children's Music)

Little kids singing mid-tempo on a very fast and noisy riff would sound weird.

The Contenders

11 Reggae Grunge (Reggae and Grunge)
12 Dirty Kids (Dirty Rap and Children's Music)
13 Scatchild (Scatgrind and Children's Music)
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