Top Ten Fusion Songs by Hindi Rock Bands

The Top Ten

1 Dekh Bawari - Ahhirann

One of the best fusion songs by Ahhirann. Super music great singing

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2 Khamaj - Fuzon
3 Karmah - Punkh

Such a heavy yet danceable track!

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4 Ghir Ghir - Advaita

There is no other song near ghir ghir... it is so ambient yet electrifying at the same time...
Superb music and best fusion ever

5 Aakhon Ke Sagar - Fuzon

Love the song what a feel Shafaqat the best

6 Rasiya - Advaita

Beautiful song you guys were amazing at the Coke studio

7 Saajna - Rishi Ink
8 Intezaar - Antariksh

A fusion of Pop Rock with classical vocals made for a Bollywood movie called The Bet, this is one of my favourite songs from Antariksh's first album, Khoj

9 Sham Tanha - Agnee
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