Top 10 Futurama Characters Who You Might Hate

Popular show, humorous in many ways, classical. Now the bad part. A few episodes may go downhill, and some you might find some characters who can be annoying or easily delt with. A lot of tension may build within your nerves to destroy most of these B___ards.

The Top Ten

1 Nudar

Even though he has his smartness and his backup plans, notice how no one is attempt to kill Nudar. Seriously, you can see him unarmed most of the time and yet he ain't burnt in hell till the end of the film. Even when he has "bought" the Earth somehow, banishing everyone from the planet. None from the spaceport, 8 billion or more F___ing people are not eager enough to just erase em.

So annoying. Why someone didn't just kill him is beyond me.

I hate Nudar. He is the most pathetic antagonist. I can't believe no-one can kill him straight away

2 V-Giny

That is not a character

Everyone who has seen Season 6: Ep 2 would really break their nerves since the ending was terrible. This damn spaceSHIT is hatred upon. I wouldn't blame Matt Groening but that writer he hired should take the blame. Either who came up with the ending. They made a big mistake.

3 Cubert

The pig nosed, hog snorting runt will have you wanting to choke his neck.

4 Professor Hubert J Fansworth

Most times he is just clueless. Won't respect his employees. And worst of all, a few times has discriminated women.

5 Thubanian Leader

Don't think cats are that cute. This furry rodent has caused an invasion (more like terrorism and extortion) to Earths Field. Nibbler even wont eat him, really. Easy target.

6 Zapp Brannigan Zapp Brannigan is a fictional character in the animated sitcom Futurama. He is voiced by Billy West, but was originally intended to be voiced by Phil Hartman, with West taking over the role after Hartman's death.

Zapp is sexist pervert he is So stupid. He is funny(at times) but he just ticks me off

Yeah,I agree.He is a sexist pervert.Also,he enslaves Kiff and his ego is the size of a planet.

7 Mom

She thinks she can dominate entirely. Mom has all seven sins in her mentality.

8 Brainspawn

Just swear all you want to them to let all your tension out, or just smash you device.

9 Nibbler

He is not really a disliked character. He's cute for the most part. A few drawbacks though. He is the worst commander or general of his army. Nibbler has no prepration. The weapons mounted on their ships are useless. He has to use Fry to complete his operations without anything in return. He can't do it himself giving his reputation pathetic. Another thing is that he blathers a lot.

10 Hermes

Nothing really hated about him, a few drawbacks though. Probably his strict level.

The Contenders

11 Bender Bender Bending Rodríguez is a fictional character who is one of the main characters in the animated television series Futurama. He was created by series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen and is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Well he's a favourite. The thing he does wrong is misleads Fry into a bad situation, giving him irregular bad advice, causing him to slightly lose his mind. This gives Fry unattraction to Leela. The on and off relationship of Fry and Leela throughout the season are unreasonable.

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