Future Achievements and Megaprojects You Want to See In Your Lifespan

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1 Mars Landing

Humans in another planet.

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2 Underwater Railway Between Europe and USA

In one hour from London to New York.

3 Moon Colonies

Mostly scientists living there and work.

4 Bridge That Connects Russia and America In Bering Strait

Easy transportation of oil and gas and much more.

5 Space Elevator

Elevator that connects earth and the space station.

6 Discovery of a New Earth

Another planet that looks like the earth

7 Renewable Energy

Solar and wind power and much more in order to reduce CO2 emissions before we reach another point of no return.

8 Underwater Cities

Architects want to build an underwater city beneath Amsterdam in Netherlands to counter the overpopulation on land. Might be handy for other overpopulated areas.

9 Megacity Pyramids

Huge pyramids that they are 14 times higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza capable of housing 750,000 people mostly for overpopulated areas like Japan.

10 Space Hotel

Tourists can go for tourism outside the earth.

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