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1 Seasons (Waiting On You)

I stumbled upon this track quite by accident, and it blew my mind. I find there are all-too-few modern artists that I really like, but this opened me up to the world of Future Islands. As I went on to discover, they have recorded some real gems over their career to date. But this is one of the best- musically and lyrically- pieces of music I have heard in a long time. The opening track to their most recent studio album (confusingly titled 'Singles'), I cannot wait to hear what else this band has in store. - kallikrein

2 Vireo's Eye

A song that wraps itself around you and immerses you. Catchy, beautiful, intense. Pure class. - kallikrein

3 Tin Man

Between this, Long Flight, and Walking Through That Door, 'In The Evening Air' kicks off in stunning fashion. This is such a unique, but perfectly-accessible track to listen to. I love it. - kallikrein

4 Long Flight

Kind of like a fleshed-out Vireo's Eye. Slower, but deeper. Anthemic. - kallikrein

5 Beach Foam

From the band's first album, there was real musical class at work right from the start. This track almost sounds like a throwback. Very synth-heavy. But it works. Herring's vocal work is wonderful here. - kallikrein

6 Haunted by You

Aptly-named: this track is haunting. Lyrically a masterwork, a tale of lost love. And only a B side to a single. The 'True Love Waits' of Future Islands. Perhaps it too will take it's rightful place as an album track in the future. - kallikrein

7 Walking Through That Door

Opening the 'In The Evening Air' album, like Long Flight, this is a very strong offering. Melodic and powerful in equal measure. - kallikrein

8 A Dream of You and Me

A popular track from their latest album, it has a very pleasant sound- more pop than many of their other songs, this is a great closer to a great album. - kallikrein

9 Balance

'On The Water' perhaps offers fewer stand-out tracks, but the album itself stands proudly alongside the others. Balance is a captivating track with an upbeat tempo, and a great example of what Future Islands are all about. - kallikrein

10 Sun In the Morning

From their latest album. A bit more of an homage to their earlier music, I love the hook in this one. - kallikrein

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11 Ran
12 Like the Moon
13 Give Us the Wind
14 Little Dreamer
15 Time on Her Side
16 Day Glow Fire
17 Aladdin
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