Top Ten Future YouTube Stars

The Top Ten

1 Joe Flanders
2 Motoki Maxted
3 The Alex Report
4 Hocky521

This guy has so much potential. Although his videos come out on a very unpredictable schedule, they never disappoint. It's only a matter of time before this guy is a star.

5 theRadBrad
6 Beh2inga
7 RobbinRams

Very helpful and funny videos. This guy has everything you need to be successful as a YouTube commentator. Now all he needs is a successful video to start his rise.

8 SoFloComedy

The videos consists of pranks that go to far. Although dumb at times, the videos are real and the pranks cause these guys to get punched and hit. It's a step up from guys like Vitaly and Roman.

Actually I hate them - JaysTop10List

9 DontBeSaad20

Great videos of The NHL video game series. this guy is entertaining and helpful if you want to know anything about the game.

Lets go Hawks! But switch to Toews. - masonkv

10 SilentDroidd

The Contenders

11 Donnie Does

This guy is funny as hell. He lives his life like a celebrity doing crazy things while living in China. This guy also has a short amount of time left until his channel becomes huge.

12 Animime
13 Adam Clarke

Minecraft commentaries and more that will keep you entertained.

15 MessYourself
16 GameShock
17 Craig98
18 M3rkMus1c
19 Modest
20 Matt3756
21 Throneful

This guy is the best at nhl14 - masonkv

22 LDShadowLady
23 GenmuLVLX
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