Top Ten Most Futuristic Sounding Songs

The Top Ten

The Music's No Good Without You - Cher
End Titles - Vangelis
Vena Cava - Angelspit
Home Computer - Kraftwerk
Kings of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel
Hydra 3D - Dat Adam
Darkside of the Sun - Tokio Hotel
Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) - Rob Zombie

The Matrix. Yep

Age of Shadows - Ayreon

To make things sound even more futuristic, the lyrics to the chorus are written in ascii code and the chorus sounds like that: 01101001011 (zero one one zero one...). One of the words they sing in this way is HELP.
Hey Matrin, Floor Jansen sings on this song, too. - Metal_Treasure

Stranger - Skrillex

The Newcomers

? Summer - Calvin Harris
? Wake Me Up - Avicii

The Contenders

Future Lovers - Madonna
Rectum - Thomas Bangalter
Broken Wings - Mr. Mister
Amazing - Seal
Blade Runner Blues - Vangelis
Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
100% - Angelspit
Saeed - Infected Mushroom
Skin - Madonna
Ray of Light - Madonna
Bedtime Story - Madonna
Phone Home - Lil Wayne
We are the Greatest - Scooter
Horrible_person - Dat Adam
Guilt Trip - Kanye West
No Worries - Dat Adam
Space Invaders - Hit'n'hide
Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
On Sight - Kanye West
You'll Never Be Mine - Armageddon
Ricochet Love - Waterflame
With You, Friends - Skrillex
Wolf - Angelspit
Vitamine - Nena
Stormy Weather - Tokio Hotel
The Robots - Kraftwerk
Dark Matter - Bjork
Taxi Taxi - Cher
Gang Bang - Madonna
Schei├če - Lady Gaga
Riders on the Storm - Infected Mushroom
Project 100 - Infected Mushroom
Boom Boom Pow - The Black Eyed Peas
Magnetic Fields II - Jean Michel Jarre
Electric City - The Black Eyed Peas
Equinoxe, Pt. 3 - Jean Michel Jarre
Equinoxe, Pt. 4 - Jean Michel Jarre
Hold My Liquor - Kanye West
I Won - Future
Karate Chop - Future
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