Top Ten Futuristic Technologies that Can Never Exist

Some authors have portrayed in their stories stuff that can never actually be made. They may be ridiculous or impossible to invent without centuries or millenniums of thought.

The Top Ten

1 Time Machine

It's just imaginative stuff that people wish they would have. You cannot prevent past disasters happening by going back and changing a few things. We can learn from these historic events so that we will not make the same mistakes. All you have to do to have a great future is to make careful choices in life. Choose carefully and think other things like, "What's for dinner? Where do you want to go? Will I meet new people I have never even met before so that they could be my friends? Where and when can I get a job to provide for my family? " Think about it!

TIME MACHINE TIME MACHINE! Sad it'll never exist (most likely) - zxm

2 Traveling Faster Than Light
3 Object Teleportation

Teleportation would be extremely dangerous,because someone unknown could teleport inside your home without being invited.

This would be extremely dangerous,because people could teleport inside your house.

4 Androids with Emotions

Robots or anything else with emotions would be extremely dangerous,because what if the robot or other artificial thing with emotions turned against people or started a war.then everyone in the world would be in grave danger.

5 Lightsaber

I wish it was real please try to work on making this kinda real

6 Device to Stop Time

I'm glad its not real

We all need one though - blackflower

7 Mind-Reading Device

Yeah I'm glad they don't exist

8 Infinite Data Processing
9 Anti-Gravity
10 Continuity of Consciousness After Uploading
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