Top Ten Futuristic Ways to Travel

The Top Ten
1 Teleportation
2 Wormhole

Well, this is technically teleportation through spacetime. Although quantum teleportation exists purely by entanglement. - PositronWildhawk

3 Hoverboard
4 Space Elevator
5 Vacuum Tube
6 Hyperloop
7 Solar Sail
8 Jetpack
9 Manned Cloud
10 Flying Car
The Contenders
11 Energy Wing Flotation System

Works sort of like a jetpack, but is light weight, portable, works with plasma, and is highly maneuverable. Also comes with a shield that protects you from accidentally hitting objects. - Crysis

I agree with Crysis. Also make it travel around mach 4 speed.

12 Back Mounted Glide Wings with Altitude Adjusters and Speed Thrusts
13 Time Travel Time Travel
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