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1 Airplane Airplane Cover Art

I like this song most from Pink Tape album

The best fx's song

Airplane... love... come with me...
Different song from f(x) with amazing feelings

It's different

2 Electric Shock Electric Shock Cover Art

They are standing just by theirselves. They are cute, unique, boy-look, funky, colorful, feminime, etc. They make it all looks great! Love all of the members, likes all theire songs, and love f(x)!

It really have the cool steps. If I will listen to Electric Shock, I got Electric Shock!

This song is so catchy, best fx song for me until now! Sorry for my bad English, I can't speak English very well

No one wonder why this is number one

3 Ending Page Ending Page Cover Art

This song is amazing! My favorite f (x) song an the perfect way to end the album Pink Tape. Its unique like all the songs in pink tape (and most other f (x) s songs) but its still easy to listen to and it's so pretty. Their harmonization is on point and sulli and victoria really impressed me as they're not known to be great singers. I have to say there is no dead weight in f (x). I also love the fact that there is no rap in Ending Page. Ambers singing voice is lovely and I love the different deepness her voice has in contrast to krystal, sulli, and lunas higher voices ( victorias voice is also quite deep and she actually has a great range). Their voices really shined in this song and the unique and mature lyrics were amazing! It's a pop-rock ballad with a smooth yet edgy feel and I love every second of the song! F (x) is my favorite girl group and they really impressed me with this song, and this whole album. f (x) fighting! Saranghae unnies!

I love the song, the lyrics is really cute and the fact that there is no rap made me like it even more.

This song so amazing ♡♡♡

4 Beautiful Stranger Beautiful Stranger Cover Art

Their vocal so amazing! I hope f(x) create new song like that

Beautiful song, love the atmosphere the song creates

My favourite f(x) song ever.

5 Nu Abo Nu Abo Cover Art

I find this song is so catchy and fun, the dance is just epic! I think its should be at the top after Electric Shock

The best part of this song is at the middle when Krystal sings her really high part. It always gives me the chills. Also, check out the acoustic version sung by Amber and Luna. Love it. :D

LOVE THIS SONG! It's very electric and it has a very catchy chorus. I love their outfits in the video

A song that makes me find my lovely group... This song makes me be a f(x) fans *dear SM, please give us ofc fandom name* today...

6 Paper Heart Paper Heart Cover Art

I honestly don't know why this song isn't ranked higher it's absolutely amazing. The meaning behind the lyrics is beautiful.

This song is so sweet! It makes me feel unusually nostalgic for a song I just heard

I got a pa-pa-pa-pa-paper heart!

I lose it when Krystal sings "Please be gentle..."

Same here. Krystal's line...

7 Red Light Red Light Cover Art

Such a catchy and great-sounding song. One of the best songs of 2014, and the best F (x) song to date.

This song had the best concept I've ever seen with a kpop girl group.

I love everything of this song!

Why is this song 8th? It's so good!

8 Step

Luna and Amber nail it on the bridge with the high note and "getoutthewayplease"

Love the lyrics and the song is hella catchy,

9 Rum Pum Pum Pum Rum Pum Pum Pum Cover Art

I love the instrumentals in this song, especially the drum! The harmonies and pars are also amazing. It's also extremely catchy, happy, and upbeat!

THIS IS THE BEST SONG! I love this song because it makes me happy, I don't know why, but this is my favorite kpop song

This song is amazing! The exotic hand drums from the background pumps my heart that goes "Rum Pum Pum Pum"!

This song is proves that f(x) is a out-standing girl-group and very unique. The coolest I've ever heard.

10 Hot Summer Hot Summer Cover Art

Amazingly strange vibe, as well as every other f (x) song. But, this one has that something what's so addicting, it's my summer jam song! I can't believe it was released 2 years ago. Time runs so fast.

Summer is my thing! I like. How f (x) can make summer even hotter. The song is catchy and the lyric is fun!

The intro is make me addicted! I found this song is so catchy and fun to hear. It's my summer's jam!

Hot Summer, a Hot Hot Summer
Hot Summer, a Hot Hot neomu deowo
Hot Summer, a Hot Hot Summer.
Hot Summer, a Hot Hot ige je mat.

The Contenders
11 4 Walls

! Why 4 walls is down here? It should be number 1. 4walls is the masterpiece of f(x). The music, lyrics, mtv and the meaning of song is so great. F(x) is really cool but I've never thought that they could do like this amazing work. What a beautiful song? Love is 4 walls, walls,walls...

This song is so different and so good this should be number 1. This is the song that introduced me to f(x) and to kpop. I just love it.

4 walls is what brought me into f(x) So I'm so thankful to it to be honest. It's got such a unique sound and I can listen to it over n over n not get tired. N their voices... Literal heaven. I absolutely love the music video too, so aesthetic

Why is 4 Walls Number 17? Seriously? This should be at the No. 1 Spot. It's very unique and very addicting..

12 Goodbye Summer Goodbye Summer Cover Art

This is an amazing song, perfect for f(x) and EXO fans - and English speakers, now Amber's released an English version on her solo album!
The melody is so beautiful and Amber's English rap really fits in well with song.
(Plus the fact it was originally written/composed by Amber!

I love this song so much! Written by Amber, and performed by Krystal, Luna, Amber, and featuring D.O. from EXO, this is the perfect song! It's sweet and harmonious and absolutely beautiful. Every f (x) must give this song a listen and let it change your world. :D

This should be in a higher rank! Best fx song!

13 Milk

Milk is not only super addictive, but it also shows off f(x)'s uniqueness. No other group could have pulled off this song even half as well as f(x) did.

It's a cool song that doesn't try too hard, and shows of f(x)'s uniqueness well.

This song is my favorite in their red light album

This song is show naughty-sexy f(x) aura.

14 Pinocchio (Danger)

Their most underrated's song! I mean why not much love for this song. This song is very unique and catchy. I love this song when first I hear it! Vote!

15 Shadow Shadow Cover Art

This song took me by surprise. It is a creepily awesome song.

Shadow is an absolute great song! underappreciated as hell to be honest

An eerie masterpiece of a song,truly experimental and different.

I absolutely love this song.the meaning is about how they are the shadow of someone but have fell in love with their also has a fantasy feel to it

16 La Cha Ta La Cha Ta Cover Art

And old school song.. But still awesome, bae!

This song is a piece of art.

17 Papi Papi Cover Art

Every time I hear this song I wanna dance. It's so addicting!

I love the beginning of the song its very enterjetic

An under-rated pop

18 Rude Love

I really like this song. It gives me Pink Tape vibes but still keeps with the more mature theme of F(x)'s album.

This song is such a bop! I'm addicted

What an amazing song. the beat and their vocals are amazing too... and why this song no 19? this should be among the top ten.I'm so addicted to this song after very first hearing.

19 Jet Jet Cover Art

This is one of the greatest girl group songs ever recorded, I think. The chorus really demonstrates the uplifting power of ensemble vocals - this is a go-to for anyone having a crappy day and needing some attitude adjustment.

This song is so cute! <3 ^-^

20 Dracula Dracula Cover Art

I love the whole song

Dracula la la la~ like seriously I love it! Too love it!

I like the sound! ♥

One word for this song, addicted! <3456789012

21 Chu Chu Cover Art

Its got an amazingly addictive tune and dance style.
F (x)'s best song according to me. :D

So addictive~ Best F (x) song!

22 Chocolate Love Chocolate Love Cover Art

I got you babe, I call,
I call it Chocolate Love

23 All Mine All Mine Cover Art

This song is LOVE. It's from their SM Station project n it's the best out there. EDM n amazing vocals n beautiful mv, they all look happy in it

24 Butterfly

Personally, I think this is the best song f(x) has ever released although I love almost every single of their songs
It sounds very powerful at first but the chorus is surprisingly light and dreamy.
I wish SM can release a MV or choreograph video of the song.
I also hope that the song is longer haha

Really good his should be in the top 10

25 All Night All Night Cover Art

Is an amazing song.its great for retro has a groovy retro beat

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