Top Ten Best G-Eazy Songs

Best G-eazy songs, the bay areas rapper on the come up.

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1 I Mean It I Mean It

I Mean It is his reminder to everyone that he is real about everything he is saying. - jcope

This is his best - venomouskillingmachine

Its damn dope

Most lit song from Gerald

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2 Me, Myself, and I

Trying to pick a best G-Eazy song is like trying to decide which blade of grass is the most interesting to watch. - WonkeyDude98

Has a great hook, great raps, and overall one of, if not, his best songs

Why is this song at #22!? It should at least be in the top 5.

I can relate to the song as the lyrics is made for me

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3 Almost Famous Almost Famous V 1 Comment
4 Been On Been On

This song is just great. I think that it's way better than most of his songs - and most of his songs are great.

I'm having a class presentation on this song tomorrow.

He raps about how other rappers talk about reaching the Platform Eazys been at already. - jcope

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5 Far Alone Far Alone

Rapping about being solo and independent in the game. - jcope

Best song on the list. But wheres zombie land - Finals15

This song is amazing. The remix is dope, but the original track is fire. Hearing G with E-40 is so dope. - tbone93

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6 Lady Killers Lady Killers

G and Hoodie Allen hop on the track to show the fans (especially the ladies) how much of a player they both are. - jcope

7 Tumblr Girls Tumblr Girls

Eazy talks about his infatuation with a certain type of girl. - jcope

He knows what's in it for him when he gets involved this girl, but he can't help but feel all these things for her

8 Drifting V 2 Comments
9 The Coolest Job

He raps about why he has the best job ever. - jcope

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10 Achievement

Has an absolutely fire beat and a great example of G-Eazy's flow.

This and random are by far his best songs

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11 What If What If V 1 Comment
12 Random Random V 1 Comment
13 One of Them One of Them
14 Calm Down Calm Down

Lol why isn't this song in the top 10? It's the best of his album?

Why isn't this in the top 10? This is one of his most popular songs - Mcgillacuddy

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15 You Got Me You Got Me

This song is so hyped up it makes me want to punch someone on the face

Really great song especially if you wanna get pumped up!

16 Everything Will Be OK Everything Will Be OK

This is G-Eazy at his most rawest and most vulnerable as he illustrates the dark areas from his past.

This is the deepest song that G-Eazy has wrote, about his life, instrumental fire, lyrics fire, I love his storytelling, Kehlani is awesome too.

17 Sad Boy Sad Boy
18 Low Key
19 Make-Up Sex

G raps about how how good the sex is after fighting with his girl. - jcope

20 I Don't Believe You
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